Thursday, July 14, 2011

Watching that SMOKEY Footage!

HAHAHA! man, Bayou Blowout The Official! I wish i could have been there, but this is GREAT! looks pretty good.  sounds good. I just got through the practices. I may need to get Franks too. i think his compression level is low gotta set that higher. Other than that.. MAN THE BAND WAS DECENT! maybe not at its greatest but the selections are nice. the band did pretty well.

…LOL HUMB looks good!… Gizmo was repped out! lol great things coming from that band.. dude has his tenor drum up “Right” too.. he gotta be from N.O…. lol

I missed out on all that Dance action but im gonna sit here and ENJOY IT! lol AHH!!

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