Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And She Says “Baby, It’s 3am I Must be Lonely”

Happy Valentines day to all you Basket cases out there who are in love and or who loves somebody I guess. I’m not too big on Valentines Day. never was, never will. I haven’t truly had a valentine other than the time I was in that relationship a few years back. but that doesn’t count.  because we didn’t see each other on the day of.

For me, I like to make a big deal out of the small things this holiday brings on. I.E. Who is This Saint Valentine? and why has His day been acknowledged by Cupid The Roman God of Love (or Eros The Roman God of Lust) ..

We always hear about the story Cupid Drawing back his Bow and Striking someone with a love Arrow, ultimately giving them the “Love Bug” or what ever it is.. Basically they become Crazy in Love or Lustful because they’ve been Injected with what ever was on he arrow Tip. . Cupid himself thinks it’s funny..All of that somehow involves Infatuation with someone, and thoughts of Sex and so on and so fourth..

In Other words That junk sounds even when you look deeper in to it.  But I’ll leave that here for now. I hope you Fools enjoy your day of Sex and Promiscuity  because that’s all Cupid / EROS  what’s you to do… and with us blinded by the false spirit of Love.  we’re failing to understand or know this St Valentine person  really is...

According to Wikipedia, its possibly one of 4 people.. Crazy right? HA!  PAGAN HOLIDAY IT IT’S BEST!

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