Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Only Thing I hate About It Is

I could be taking a pic of some one and everybody’s tapping me to take them a pic, or calling my name to take a pic. The main reason I DON’T like it is because they aren’t giving me time to snap my taping on my shoulder. and Then the same folks who are telling me I’m going too fast are telling me I’m going too slow. I’m like hey, if you had patience your pic’s would come out good.

Aside from that, folks telling me how to do what I already know how to do. or How many pictures to take. They don’t understand that my pics have to be edited and ELIMINATED. so I take Multiple. My name is not Polaroid. My name is not Instigram. If i think your pic is not worthy of keeping I will delete it  If I think it’s not right  I’ll take it over. That’s what I do.  the lighting is never right in dark places so I have to Tame my camera for he moment.

If you think I take too long to snap a picture, stop posing and Look when you think I’m ready..  I’m Just sayin’

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