Thursday, March 29, 2012

Refraining is not easy, But It’s something I must do.

After Watching a video of Dick Gregory the other day talking about the affects of Spring Water, Physical Fitness &  Resting  It made me think about how I should refrain from drinking Carbonated beverages. as well as once again getting in the habit of sleeping properly.

With that fresh on my mind. I came across This Blog Entry titled “Hunger Games”  by Editor B. He talks about his past & present eating habits, fasting. and then even questioning his own hunger. He then posted some information about how to go about doing fasting. For me it was a pretty inspiring read. It once again had me thinking of leaving the Carbonated beverages alone, yet doing in the form of fasting.

I’ve tried refraining from things in the past and it was hard, some I’ve recently vowed to stay away from and I’ve honestly slipped back in to it. God knows I need to say away from that. Why am I Not? because I’m cheating myself by finding the time to do so.  I really need to get away from it.

Otherwise, I believe that If I started to refrain from the carbonated beverages, It would serve me pretty well in the future. It’s something my mind tells me i should have, but my body does not need it. I’m not saying i’m going to give it completely up. but  giving myself time to get better physically and maybe knock one back when I feel the need. I can say the same for fast food as well as the food that comes through this house..

Before I wrote this entry, I ate a microwavable chicken patty ( in sandwich form)  I also drank water. part of the reason for the water, I don’t have anything else in here to drink For me, where Refraining from those things steps in would be reminding myself to NOT touch the drinks or certain foods for that matter. I see it like this. There are foods in this house that i have have no Desire to eat. so I don’t Touch them. With that said,  I sure can curb my desires by not eating the things that I like, Or not eating those things after a certain point in the day.

It’s all about  making adjustments to suppress my temptations. I don’t NEED Carbonated Beverages, I also don’t need to snack all day. and when I know there’s food, I snack.. Sometimes I’d know but not eat at all. If i can do THAT. I’d be alright.I think that Every time I desire to eat, I should Drink water instead. that would help me out with alot of things. Recently I had lost up to 20 Pounds, I’m actually back up about 6 of those pounds.  At this point I actually have an idea of what it takes to lose that weight, Keeping it off is all about Abstaining from the habits I’ve created.

It’s pretty easy to Not Want to eat.or drink something, but when it’s all there is, and it’s in your face. Temptation strikes. All it takes A replacement to curb the Temptation.  I have to Eat, but I don’t have to Indulge in food. Which I’m not a BIG eater, I just Snack alot..  I can Curb that easily.


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