Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scott Hall–The Wrestler

After watching this documentary, It saddens me to see this man in that position. I knew of his problems and his current condition, but to see him and hear him tell it, it saddens me as a fan, a big fan. It reminds me of Jake The Snake as he was on the “Beyond The Mat” Documentary but Worse.. It would be great if WWE decided to put him in the Hall of Fame  this year. because honestly think he deserves to be there while he’s alive, rather than being Remembered while dead.

Crazy to have to read about him or watch something like this about him, especially as a fan, knowing how great he was as an in ring competitor. Scott Hall is A Legend in the Ring and although he was never a “World Heavyweight Title Holder, His Reign in the business was Bigger than a title. I hope he lives on and grows old.

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