Friday, April 06, 2012

And here they go again

They sit up here and think it’s funny He and my brother. my mom is in her talking to my brother who’s invited his friend over. my mom’s talks about how nasty it was .. my brother says “yeah ma, tell’em about how it be when we not here.. That’s a clear reference to me. smh. keep talking because you know what. They think it’s funny but they’re the cause of all my problems. I should have left out of here today.

And He clearly think it’s funny..  She mentions my my name and ..Stupid things bruh I just want to punch a wall because my Stupid brother Agrees. I'm going to kick. They act like it’s my issue. My Problem I’m the blame fore every thing. Watch when i start smashing things in here they’ll be upset. Let'em talk because when I get out her i aint telling them nothing.

They Need to learn how to SHUT THE HELL UP..JUST DUMB!.

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