Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I went out to The Instruments A Comin’ Battle

Seems like in the past 5 years the Tipitina’s  Instruments A Comin’ & Outdoor Festival has grown to the point where. everyone looks forward to the event..Especially Those of us who attend the “IAC” Battle the Bands. 

At one point, Year after year 1 or 2 bands would show up and they’d play for the crowd. but it was taken as a conventional  performance pre Katrina, the Full bands wouldn’t be in attendance. but of course now Full bands show out in full gear ready to Battle  I’ve attended maybe 4 since 2008 and I can say that I’ve witnessed some great battles at this event between our bands.

This year being a real great one. you have New Comer Miller McCoy Academy showing out for the crowd. it’s a new band and they need work but I’m glad they’re around and are receiving the instruments to keep their bands afloat. Hopefully they’ll be in the top bracket real soon.

The JPSO Band of Excellence was Better than I expected.  and Honestly this was my first time seeing them Live. I’ve missed them during parade season.  Mr Summers  Is doing a great job with them,  He’s probably underrated as a director yet he’s always had  Good bands in the past.and has helped rebuild many band programs.

Both those bands Played for the crowd which was great. But Walker and St. Aug Held it down with the battle of the bands portion of the event. With those two bands being the Big Dogs of our city and having many battles in the past whether at IAC or Parade. it made the event a Big Deal for both bands especially walker who felt they had to redeem themselves from the response they’ve gotten since parade season.

Both Bands had the crowd SINGING! I had a good time.out there.

I think one of the Best things about that battle is the Location. Not only because Tipitina’s is there, but  because the  Intersection of  Napoleon and Tchoupitoulas is Normal parade line up during Mardi Gras, So It gives off The “Feel” that something Exciting is about to go down.  Stomping Grounds where lots of battles have taken place year after year.

Overall The Event was a hit and Has been Great to  the Band & fans all and I think that we all are thankful for Tipitina’s  because love what they do for our bands/.


With that said,   As a spectator I understand that the folks at Tips are doing their jobs to things go as planned.. Yet from a baldheads perspective I believe the folks a Tip’s don’t  understand what  the nature of The Bands and Street Battles.

Although the event is Free,  I shouldn't complain. but I must mention this minor issue i saw with the street performances & the Battle.

This all  it all has to do with clearing the streets..

  • When There is a single band playing.. it’s best to have play facing the street and not toward the tent which was places on the neutral ground.
  • The Tent was very close to curb it gave limited space to the Spectators who wanted to stand directly In front of the band. to hear them.
  • Just as there are stages for concerts. these bands are playing in “Concert formation” so they need the full crowd directly before them.. and why spectators go between rather than beside or behind the bands as they’re facing each other
  • It’s Unnecessary to have an empty space between  2 bands that are facing each other if there’s a crowd of spectators trying to hear them both equally 
  • When people stand \between both bands gives them the ability to equally & judge the bands to determine a winner as well as for to the camera’s record both bands evenly.
  • The bands Really don’t have to see each other, nor be Banner to Banner to battle. As long as they’re facing toward the opponent at a reasonable distance it’s fine. Otherwise If two close the spectators will be unhappy because they’re not going to be getting an opportunity to judge the bands fairly.
  • Lastly, Just as a parade moves, the people do need to get out of the streets so  it’s okay to have spectators move out of the way because the bands need the street space When the bands are moving into position,  Otherwise.

Despite all of that. The battle portion of the event was great and probably the BEST IAC & Outdoor Festival event since it’s inception. but for the love of the battle. you got to allow the people to have that space between the bands to Soak it all in..

Tipitina’s could make a lot of money if they decided to host  Battle of the Bands at a stadium such at Tad Gormely they could raise a LOAD of money to support Instruments A Comin’ too. THAT would be A SPECTICLE!

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