Saturday, May 12, 2012

If I Could Find Her, That Would Be Alright With Me.

Well, I had this dream about a random chick that seemed like a cross between many chicks i know or have met. yet just can’t be a real girl look’s wise.  and If i could pinpoint someone who she actually looks like, that would be very hard to do because I don’t know if I've actually met  someone who looks like her or IS her for that matter. LOL

To describe her, I’ll say that she was between 5’7 & 5’9 with a nice build. Her skin complexion  was similar to Jennifer Freeman from the TV show “My Wife & Kids, but she didn’t look like her. It’s hard for me to describe her  face, yet everything about her facial features were nice. so was her hair.

Anyway. I’ll just say. in this dream, I was “On the Job” filming bands and things, and i stopped to chill with friends at an outing. where I met this girl who basically chimed in on a conversation i was having. and basically that conversation became between me and her. Eventually the situation in my dream changed and it was just me and her in this dream (visibly) . 

In this portion of the dream I was just walking around minding my own biz when she just showed up behind me,  I turned around, because she tapped me on my to say hi. so we hugged and walked together. we began joking around in the midst of fun conversations, We were vibing hard with each other and it kicked off our relationship with each other.  After all of that. we basically walked in light as a happy couple till that dream ended. It’s as if i had been awaken. In my next dream I saw her and we greeted. smiles and just Looking at each other.

I wish I could find that girl in real life. 

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