Monday, August 27, 2012

I was Exhausted the other day

The day that My Sister in law found that she had a Miscarriage. I Went out to the Shriners Parade to take some pics of Talladega’s band. I had a fun time. I even found that my Cousin was in the band up there. That’s great, right!… yeah.  WELL.  After walking the route with them i was extremely Exhausted. it wasn’t that great of a distance but the extreme heat had me DOWN. I had to lay down TWICE. I’m glad Caine was able to bring my home because i would have been left out!

It’s crazy because I’d never been so tired. I think it was because i had taken a pressure pill the night before i went to bed and that may have affected my pressure greatly by the night of the event.  I had a hard time checking my pressure when i got home. It was hard to breath right as well I needed water and food. My pressure was extremely low and my chest was hurting..

After talking to Jaime about He and my Sister N Laws situation. I went in to the Great Room to talk with my brother and aunt.  some drinking water and eating a plumb… I regurgitated… I needed it because after that my pressure got back to normal range and I ate, ate and ate to make sure i was good for the night..

Next time I go out, I’m eating before i head out. That day I ate nothing! ..

as for talking to My Bro.. I basically shared my feeling about he as my n law. I needed to be there to comfort him. He cried hard and i feel him.. really.. it’s crazy.. God Bless them. .. I sent my Sister N Law a Text the very next day telling her that she was on my mind and that the Yolonda Adams Song “The Battle” came to mind when thinking of something to say…  I wish them the best. It’s all taken care of cause it’s in God’s Hands.

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