Saturday, September 08, 2012

I Hope The Flood Victims are receiving what’s due to them

I think it’s pretty messed up when the greedy are trying to capitalize on the Emergency Assistance deals going on. I’m also glad that some of them have been allowed permission back in their areas to clean up and get their lives straightened. I wonder what kind of assistance they are getting, I hope its as great as the assistance we received  in Houston.

I Know that many of them are getting emergency Food stamps because there are some in N.O who qualify for it. But I’d thing they’d have more than FEMA assistance. Why not Housing Vouchers in the metro area? .. I mean hey if Houston did it for Katrina Victims why can’t N.O do it for Isaac Victims?   It’s probably already in place though.  I’ll check the web.

Entergy and their Crews are still restoring power In places I didn’t even know were still out of power. I saw some trucks yesterday. They weren’t necessarily Entergy trucks but of course we know that’s who they’re contracted to work with now, 

After this Ike experience it honestly makes me want to listen to News Radio More often.  I think I’ll end up using one of my Android devices as a music player. they’re good for that.

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