Thursday, September 06, 2012

Just When I Least Expected it

This Video was Sent to me. I recorded it back in 2003 / with a really low quality camera. It was the TBC (To be Continued) Brass Band in their beginnings. At this particular time they were just out having fun and it became a full fledged secondline. I believe this was the first of Many Random Second lines in the Hood that sparked many  Event Requests.

I recorded from my apartment building in the St. Bernard Projects.  Although the video is bad quality It’s a clear visual of where I grew up I can tell you that much!  and it also is great representation of the band.  

That’s me in behind the camera saying “Man, This Junk Is Tight Dawg!” ..LOL!  “Aint Dat Tight!? “ .. LOL! 

CRAZY RIGHT! .. Time’s passed, The Brass Band got better .. well yeah Now I Record & Video things on Average ..LOL!

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