Monday, September 03, 2012

My Isaac Experiance

Due to the fact that I was here in the City of N.O the whole time I have a boring story to tell. 

‘The day before Issac hit we spotted a possum. there were also few raccoon running rabid in the neighborhood in the darkness. My Brother went to Alexandria, My Sis and her family went to Atlanta as and my other sister and her son went to a hotel here in the city.  By my house we had power  til 4am August 29th. We were good. its wild that between the 21st and 29th we kept spotting double rainbows … which has nothing to do with anything related to Isaac aside from the weather conditions.

After finding out where everyone was headed or going Myself, My Lil Brother Mom and Day decided to Ride out the storm… when our power went out we had 2 meals prepared as well as lots of water to drink or use. we we still had that same meal by Thursday. then we threw it out.. .. we had Sauerkraut and Spaghetti with Meat sauce and cheese.  We had Portable TV’s lots of flash lights and radios so we were all set..

On my part Like a dummy I went out early in the AM to film as the storm was heading our way. it was fun getting whacked by the wind, yet i ended up ruining my camera. My Phone was fully charged yet we had no connection so i had to find ways to keep it charged. 

We slept in the dark & Heat getting tore up by Mosquitos and Rain (cause the windows were open) until power was restored on September 2nd. The Cheddar (my dog)  enjoyed the breeze as we let he and Tigger roam freely.  We spend a few days in the darkness doing crazy junk because it was hard to sleep in that heat.   I swear i smell like teen spirit.. j/k..  I need to get Cleaned and hop in that tub..


Aside from that. We listened to Folks complain about what was going on in the city and state. feeling sorry for the flood victims in nearby parishes yet listening to  Complaints about Entergy’s Response by State and Parish Government Officials  as well as citizens on WWL radio.    My only bone to pick with much of that was the selfishness displayed by many folks who act like they’ve never been through anything in their lives.  people are still without power today. some folks will be without till CHRISTMAS though because of the fact that they were in low lying areas not protected by levee’s .

There  were folks who complained that they all cared about N.O yet we were out of power.. Folks complaining about Entergy Trucks and workers being Still or at Bars..  and not fixing our lights ..yet still they forgot that there were people in a worse situation than we were.. they also didn't want to acknowledge that the workers have an actual time schedule and things ..

I personally didn’t sleep home Saturday night leading in to Sunday because  my Sister got home from Atlanta and she had electricity i went over there after going to their bar which also had electricity, I stayed with them at the bar til it closed cause we had no electricity in the house.

While at the bar I saw that at the nearby Rec Center was going to be a shelter for flood victims. I’ll be attempting to go volunteer there as a way of giving back. Hopefully i can make that happen…

Folks should be thankful rather than complain because those who were flooded could have been us again.. yet for there to be folks on Their side blaming N.O for their problems. I think they need to look at where they stay and understand that We’re ALL IN THE SAME BOAT!.. basically..

It was crazy dealing with all that madness..Watching the bucket trucks pass by getting excited thinking we were next inline to have power .. nope but we were good cause we got to use up all our emergency devices…

When the storm was over Our landlord came to survey the damage and fixed a few things. We cleaned up our yard and helped the neighbors

There was so much i left out of this post.  sad but I wanted a whole lot before i step away from the PC. I’ll likely share more thoughts.

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