Sunday, August 14, 2016

Flooding And Preparation

There are many ways to prepare for disaster, but the truth is, if you're gonna hunker down, your place could be the victim of circumstance, and if you Bug Out, you can't really take too much with you.. Either way, you gotta plan to sacrifice.

It's always best things that are essential to your daily functionality and survival, but you gotta prepare. and be Always Ready a head of time, because doing it amidst the danger, angst and panic could cause you to break.

For Katrina, I had little time to prep for anything, and the few things I took were things that I felt were important enough to keep me comfortable. at least for a week or two. I had no clue didn't Houston a whole year after. It took us all out of our comfort zones and changed the course of our lives. This current situation is a clear reminder that we've gotta prepare.

I Feel bad for those who are affected by flooding, especially those who lost all their possessions, I hope and pray for peace of mind and great fortune to you all.

- Book

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Band Related Thoughts

Discipline: Understanding  the Concept of Band

One thing you gotta realize in band is that there are unwritten rules that apply when regarding discipline. A lot of people don't get it until it hits them in the face.
Go to the military and you'll realize that the "You can't tell me what to do" attitude. will get you killed in battle.

Same thing with band: your individuality makes you stick out beyond the section and or beyond the bands look. You don't abide by the code of conduct and uniformity. you may as well quit.

Later someone mentioned that sometimes following the rules in the military could get you killed or hurt, I do understand that. and it's true. That's where your own judgment stands sometimes. Obviously the goal in training is to prep yourself for the situation. therefore you gotta do your part to the best of your ability and be wise about what it is you do.. Grasp the concept and Feel, Let it move you!

Thoughts on the different community marching bands
These Summer Community Bands represent exactly what High School bands are capable of the difference is, in high school you're dealing with more beginners rather than experienced players.

Marching Tempo 

Bands tend to play and drill at 98 beats per minute these days. It's kinda weird because average marching & drill tune tempo 120-128 bpm and then you had that "Knighten Tempo" at Southern, which was like 144-150 bpm on average. Now days every tune in the stands is played at a rehearsal pace, It's like counting off a rap tune with 30 minute tuba break. it gets tiresome after a while.
Back then, alot of the music played were already written at upbeat tempos perfect for drilling (writing this while listening to Material Girl by Madonna) .. Now days it's like every song is at "We Don't Speed" Tempo, even in a drill.
Watch any SWAC bands footage on the field from 1985-1995 -2005-2015 Drill and Dance routines. they both are supposed to be at different paces, but over the years they both seem to be at the same pace ... it seems like every band has officially been chopped and screwed...
Bring back the 128 bpm shows

Using Social Media Platforms for Success

The best thing bands have is their social media platforms and what represents them, Because Any News Source can paint a picture, but when you are able to tell your own stories, things go how you want the world to see you,
I remember back in 2006, folks were spooked out about having cameras in and around the band during rehearsals,. FAMU practice, TSU Practice and SU practice clips were being posted during game weeks and Taken down, They were great videos but nobody wanted to be Exposed.. Then the Youtube Boom changed that... Especially after the hazing scandals which made the bands look bad, Now the bands get to show you what really goes on and how it can be fun and hard work with no "Madness" that you "hear" about.
My Philosophy is that We can only tell our stories, because if we don't no one else will. Those who do, Get Lucky, considering nobody else is really gonna cover them..

I'm done for the night guys, Thanx for reading.
- Book 

It's A Different World

When I was coming up. (elementary school) the teachers encouraged us to Go To College. but to my knowledge, College was Harvard, Yale, Notre Dame, LSU, Tulane, Michigan, Ohio State" and to me, the idea of those being Big time colleges seemed so far out of my way.. .... to me it was like Revenge of the Nerds on Steroids instead of "School Daze"

The Only Black Schools to my knowledge up until i was 12 was SU and Grambling cause they came on TV.
Yet for 20 years of my life , I lived only 1 mile away from Dillard University and had no clue it was a black college because nobody informed me that they were In reach.... from there It was A Different World.. for

More Bits of Randomness

You are not Entitled to a Big Mac
Here's what I mean, Lets say someone in high power, or at a high position or has a gold medal or PhD etc.goes into McDonald's and wants to skip the line because they are "This that and the third"  and they Demanding to be respected, or demanding service simply because they feel that they are entitled to be respected.. Yet IMO, if you are a patron or customer, you have to respect the Clerks for what they do and they'll respect you, if not, then it's your right to feel some strife and want to rant a bit. but not simply because you think you deserve to be catered to.  Stand In Line and wait your turn... You are not entitled to a Big Mac.

So many people use their clout or rank to step on folks toes and when they're down and out, they're only angry with themselves. Don't mistreat folks who may not have what you have. because when they get there. They'll BE THERE when you're down and out.. be respectful.

Having A George Carlin Moment:

Some folks are pro black, some are unapologetically black, not me! i'm openly

Yeah, I was thinking of Carlin's "You Are Diseased" when i wrote that

Good Business & Black Business
Black business isn't always Good business. But you don't have to like the people you do business with. ‪#‎thinkaboutthat‬
I wrote that due to many postings for Supporting Black Businesses, of course this is after all the turmoil of the summer, I love the idea of support local, buy local. as well as Buy black. but sometimes dealing with folks of our own kind isn't easy either.

Who am I Voting For?

I'm voting for Mays Gilliam  - Chris Rock's Character in Head of State

Yesterday I wrote

I'm voting for Keyser Soze - Kevin Spacey's Character in The Usual Suspects. LOL!

Wonder Years, Maybe?
What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? ....Lend me your ears and i'll sing you a song, and i'll try not to sing out of key...... i get by with a lil help from my friends

Its not illegal to gather in a public place , but with all this new found outdoor activity going on , folks will end up needing permits for their children to play outside as a CPS prevention tactic LOL

They're better off than I am: 
When I was in High School, I used to think people who had Cell Phones and two way pagers had money. meanwhile in my house, I had the internet and an Organ and thought nothing of it..
On Dating:
I can't be with ya if you don't know any music by America, Chicago, Boston. or The Eagles, I'm sorry

Shared after the shootings of Sterling & Castle
Fear is a weapon of mass destruction.
Actually it's a lyric from a song called "Mass Destruction" by a group called Faithless.

Prayer: Shared after the Murders

Some say prayer does nothing others say say voting, politics and running for office does nothing.
They say Action does It All:  But Acting Violently only entices more violence.
None of those are solutions to problems but you gotta do what you gotta do to make things BETTER not worse ..

My Initial post after Castle's Murder 
The world gets to watch our people get slain on demand. modern public lynchings...

Human League Said it Best

I'm Only Human, of flesh and blood, a man....
We are all human, RACE shouldn't be a debate.

I'm not a writer
,,,but I'm published

Some folks are worried about a nationality, i'm joked out because black folks are Intercontinental
I Posted that due to the folks and their "What's your nationality?" talk

Conscious Perverts 
They post pics of perverted soft porn and passing it along as a way of saying they worship the black woman.
I Wrote this simply because I see on my timeline, these guys posting Perverted sexual images of black women and saying things like "Nubian Queen", at the same time, they call their own girlfriends B's and W's... and it's sad,

The Shift Happens
Reality and the perception thereof varies per individual.
The Shift happens Drastically when we are forcefully made aware of the Events which affect us on a global scale.
We are typically unaffected until those things become the prime reason we change the way we live our lives. And there are many examples that I can give you but I won't in this particular post. Because I believe that we all have experienced something in your life that changed the way we view the world , as well as whatever our current situation is.

TV Depictions on "What's in"

The television Industries takes on the time periods are always halfway spot on, yet it's like they take different aspects of the "Real" and exaggerate them based on what they think, not on what they know.
I was checking out 2 tv shows which where the main cast met some hippies / Beatniks ... Which were 2 types of things going on in the same era.. there were specific slang and things that went on with it... We heard much of it being portrayed in shows like the Brady bunch..
 Terms like "Groovy and Far Out" .. yet watching an episode of Beverley Hillbillies, when the Hippies came along, terms like "Go Ape". "Square" and "Chick" are being used... and then there were the mannerisms and attires of the hippies which stood out way differently especially than the hillbillies

Of course I'm a fan of time and culture pieces so i notice these kind of things