Sunday, January 25, 2015

Investing in New Equipment

I'm actually trying to "Win" a new cam, because i don't have money to puchase a new one. sad part is, I really NEED a new camera. It's about time, I've been using the same camera for 4 years, it's time to upgrade and get the current refurbished or something./

The Camera's that i've been looking into are simpler, why? because DSLR's aren't neccesarily the best cameras for moving marching bands if you want to really capture greatness.... There are pro's and cons to any cam and I Love the DSLR, but I think a camcorder would work just fine.

I still need a camera for photo purposes as as well, that's what will keep me with a DSLR..


Watching The TV

Looks like I've resorted to my BLOG this time around. Okay, it's 2015 (once again lol) and I'm creeping on a come up. why keep dreaming without acting, Action should always be a priority, I gotta change my habits and get out of here. Procrastination is a killer and I'm not LIVING how i should be... so yeah I gotta make this happen for me in 2015


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

2015. 10 years of this blog.

I have had this Blog for 10 years. and in 10 years The way we use the internet has changed,  I haven't changed much. But I've gotten better at what it is that I do.

In light that so much has happened in the world and in my life since the last time I blog. I just want to talk about one issue. and That issue is this...

Being connected to your family on social media sites is a Killing it for me. I recently commented "Wow Bruh" on an article along my timeline and my brother sent me a long text messege from my brother asking me not to comment on Articles about murder..   I had no clue what he was talking about until i viewed my activity long where I saw i commented "Wow Bruh" ...  

I'm not stupid, I'm very mindful of the things I say online.  Usually I'm communicating with facebook friends  and not saying anything unnecessary. but the moment I share something or say something mu Older Brother or My Mom is coming at me like " take that down""  Watch what you post, it could get you killed" ..

I posted something from an Auto Generator the other day and my mom was like  "Take that down, because you don't know that girl might have people out here to kill you" .. i'm like umm thats a Facebook app nobody cares ..

I don't understand why folks are so parinoid about the internet.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Battling El Coldo!

It's 3.35 Am and  At this point. DJ's Package is on the way.
Ashley rejoined facebook after multiple attempts to stay away.
I talked to my Ex about some things that I disliked, but I accept.  I think I made her slightly upset but at the end of it all. it is what it is. We will be friends. I may have said to much just now. but i know she understands my position.

I watched a load of movies, yeah I feel bad because some y were bootlegged but shew, I saw some of them right on youtube. LOL others were netflix.  most of them were Great movies though.

I was able to watch The Watchmen and I must watch it again. My new Favorite Hero is Rorschach! lol

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank You President Obama for Holdin' It Down!.

It's wild because The Pro-Regulations  folks are totally against this and have no idea what Net  Neutrality is about.  I just ran across a link regarding Ted Cruz' comment. I was joked out but it was also very informal

Check this link.. 

I agree, The internet should be regulated by what private companies feel the people should have access to. we should be able to have a 100% open internet, at High Speeds with no restrictions other than the ones we chose to make.. at this point. That's my only thoughts on this. but I totally agree with the press..

from what I know, the FCC is against it .. Watch how conservatives go against it..  I feel like this, if you don't actually Use the internet, you shouldn't try to regulate it.   if they had it their way. there woyld be  ESRB ratings on everything.