Thursday, July 03, 2014

Legacy Brass Band At The Washington’s Reception

This Is basically my work, I think it’s Decent. I’m glad they like it. There’s more work for me to do. I am glad and happy though.

Getting Back on Track

I’m Blogging today  because I’ve got work to do, And I need to remind myself to do so. Just as I Had to remind myself to blog.  Also, I have work to do for the NOLAB organization. I have work to do with these wedding videos. There’s so much I have to blog about because I am excited. will I get this out. YES!

This week I am working on a video for the wedding I attended. I am getting things prepared for pick up as well as working on the video itself.  Hopefully The Washington’s like the full video as they seem to love the 4 minute clip posted on Youtube & Facebook .

The Wedding I attended  was very nice.I Enjoyed myself at this event even though I didn’t think I was prepared for it. Also I need update some things about my camera, I’ve had it 4 years now and I’m experiencing issues in this time that I have never dealt with in the past. Aside from that. I’ve been losing things & misplacing things in the pass few weeks till it’s driving me nuts.

Believe it or not, The Groom didn’t know me, He actually knew a distant relative of mine., that’s how he got my info.. He called months before the wedding and I Didn’t directly commit to it until I was sure of what he wanted. Therefore when the time came.  I pulled through. and it was very nice; ultimately. On the day of the event I met   The Groom himself  as well as his family & groomsmen.  One of them was my Frat brother, another one marched with me in Jr. High School. Very cool to know..

Turns out The Groom, Byron was actually part of the Band community as well. so this made me more comfortable as well as made everything easier, because I was Nervous. After it all I swear I felt like I Knew this man my whole life.

I’m glad to have that connection now. I even got the brass band who attended the reception a gig Overnight  Yesterday. So the cycle continues. I will post the video to my blog next. .. After, I’ll be writing about something else. 

Later Readers!. –

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Few Thoughts

Thought about changing the Title Image. Note From The Book is the title of this blog.  The Image is a single LONG transparent file.I just might keep the file transparent, but I think i'm gonna use another font.. But then again, nah. lol  I think i'm done with th

Casey Kasem, passed away, A man that everyone thought would live forever. He's been doing the top 40 since forever and has covered many things ..  as well as had done voice overs for a few cartoons in the past. most memorable, Shaggy from Scooby doo.   I see images on the web  with a sad scooby.. .. aww Scoob!

Something how when TV personalities  pass away, We also see it as their TV Characters passing away ESPECIALLY if they were a Signature version... That's life though.

Ruby Dee passed away, Now she's Resting along site Ossie ..

Should I join it?

The NOPD is Hiring and I don't have a job. They're looking for New Recruits and I think I may be able to be of service to the organization. After looking at news reports of their recent hiring fair and the talk of "lowering of standards" to hire officers. Here's one thing i realize. A few years ago they upped the standards to have at least 2 years of collegiate education to train as a police officer, this week, that seems to have been thrown out the window due to the fact that there aren't enough officers patrolling the streets. Not only that but they also are now hiring folks who may have abused substances in the past and who have been 100% clean for the past 10 years. Sounds great right?   This means somebody in life will likely get a second chance to redeem themselves....

As for Me, I need a Job, Do i want to be a police officer, No. but I think it's important that I do something with my life. and being an officer is a career with benefits. I really wouldn't want to go through the training but I do know that i'll be able to get some kind of physical to make that happen.

Should I sign up? that's the big question! LOL!.