Sunday, August 30, 2015

After 10 Years ...

Alot about my life has changed, I was gonna list a whole lot of things but that post crashed, therefore I'll leave you with this.. in the past 10 years (started a few months before Katrina) I lost family members,  I've Gained and Lost Lost Love & Relationships, We've had new birth in the family. I've watched Kids Grow up I've watched schools  & Neighborhoods come down and new ones go up. I've Gained friends, I lost friends, Members of my family became home owners, business owners,  my dad even hit the Lotto once.. We Laughed we Cried, Weve been sad, we've been happy .. We are here....

I guess what i'm here to say is, Life is what it is, It's a New Normal. but it's definitely not the Norm as it was Pre-Katrina. In a way, We;ve all been damaged by this storm, psychologically. I honestly still have dreams that are not necessarily nightmares but are very twisted. Places that no longer exist today but they are embeded in my mind forever.

Some of the dreams are bad, dark and violent, others are heavenly but I dream the twisted dreams because my pre katrina life was a bit of it all. .. The things i've seen and heard mixed with the things I feared, hated, and loved.  but I dream.. and i know it's a dream because its not as it was before.

I'm grateful to have gained the opportunities that i have had, especially after 2010, because that's when things started moving pretty smoothly and on the right track again. I still have a long way to go personally, I think we all still do..

I gotta reconnect with this blog man.. Thinking back though Iwas just one of the Lucky ones to not have so many issues 10 years ago which helped bring some fortune my way. so many people have done things for me and I thank them all.

I personally still making moves to live right (or am i).. I'm inspired to blog once again as i used to, but just not about any and everything..

So Much to say.. but I don't know how to put it down yet...

I'll be back..

Saturday, August 29, 2015

On This Day, I am not feeling well.

And It has nothing to do with the Katrina Talk, I have a legitimate “Cold”. and It’s got me feeling droopy, congested,  runny nose, everything. it’s been 3 days now.

There are football games that that are going on today that I should be attending, but I won’t be due to the way I feel now.

On the Bright Side, I have realized for the past month that I weigh under 290..
This is a good thing because in recent years I’ve weight close to 315, I am not “Trying” to lose weight, but I acknowledge that that size is too big.  I have been 300+  since 2010 or so. and very seldom it would go under the 300 mark.  Recently with  my average being between 284 and 288 it’s a great thing. Mind You, I haven’t been eating as much because we don’t necessarily have much junk foods coming in to the house.

I’m a big snacker, so laying off the snacks is the thing that makes it work.. There’s noting that  I can easily grab and go. so that helps. LOL! Otherwise . I can feel it alittle.
If I can get down to 240 that would be awesome.   Maybe I need to work out and get more active. lol.

Otherwise at least for now, I need to fight off this current sickness. LOL!..

I’ll  Blog about Katrina Next … Open-mouthed smile

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Not a Comic Book Guy

I was never a comic book guy but I did read comic strips. I think the only two comic books I've ever purchased was a Spawn Comic Book. which sparked my interest after the movie.
Otherwise all the stories I familiarized myself with were the stories that outplayed in the cartoon series.  the only issue with that is over the years there were so many spin offs or alternate character stories that I lost interest in some of the characters. I once was a fan of.

I grew up being a fan of The Hulk due to the Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno show.
Superman because of Christopher Reeve.  but the cartoon versions of them.
I was introduced to the Televised Comedy version of Batman, but I grew up to understand that it was a misrepresentation of what batman had already been.  the evolution of the Batman over the years has been great though.

There were a number of versions of superheros  or iconic cartoon characters that weren't connected to DC or Marvel that were awesome too, many I cant name at the moment. even disney had their fair share of superheroes. and now with Lucas Film & Marvel that's even greater..

I can't really think of anything else at the moment so I'll end this here.

My Weekend Was Eventful

Well, Not Really, but I did manage to attend a community related event at Cafe Istanbul. I really didn't have to do anything but I managed to record some stuff anyway. That place is a nice facility and I love what it represents. I may have to make my way there often. very nice facility.

I just got through watching Summerslam. I missed "Takeover" yesterday though. . I may head to bed early. I need to reset my life clock.. Otherwise I was just informed that I need to fix some errors on one of my org's site pages.. I'll do that before I head to bed though.

Maybe I should run for president or


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just Realized Something

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, my blog didn't have many readers, But after it happened, I gained an audience. Before the audience, I was hoping that someone would read my blog, I had joined blog services like Technorati, I was trying to gain attention, yet for the most part I was posting things that was either only of my personal interest, and/or random things that had very little value.

After a while, especially after Katrina, I had activity on my blog, my entries attracted folks that interacted with me by email and some were just other bloggers. Although my posts still were random  I became more "Long winded, and felt the need to Talk to my Audience. not just sharing my world with them. but hoping they'd interact with me to continue the conversation and they did.  It was much different than the participation in the forums I was on.... Here on this blog, It was like  speaking my mind and hoping nobody I know would see it. yet hoping for a response from someone interested in the subject, whether they agreed or not.

Speaking of that, It made me feel weird when people would tell me that they've read my blog, especially if it was relatives. because  at some point my family was reading, My older eventually would contact me via text or call telling me what i should or shouldn't be posting.In his mind he figured posting things about people, or what's in the news would get me hurt or killed. He always assumes everyone knows me or something. Not the case. never was the case. Although a number of times people have been upset with me behind my posts in the past.

Due to posts as such I've ended up being confronted by people I've mentioned here, or  apologizing for  I've said about people that may or may not have been true .or having someone totally misinterpret some of the things I've said. I've also had moments where I felt like "This is My blog I can say what I want to" which is partly true. but there will always be some kind of backlash that goes beyond the feedback pertaining to the subject matter.

Things as such  remain the reason that i don't share my blog beyond those those who directly visit it.. Although my blog is public, when I write I never invite people to read my posts. Over the years, I stopped blogging so much due to The Social media boom.  It gave other ways to be more random, shirt handed even quicker. so I wouldn't post here as much. yet on those other services I've realized  that everything you say can be easily lost. meanwhile this blog is a repository of greatness (and randomness).. It represents me... It's why I never got rid of it.

As I've stated before, I'm not a writer. I'm a blogger.This is the place where I am able to clear my head. It is my stress reliever. it is where my emotions are expressed. where I can ask questions that i really don't want answered. and lastly. I don't have to feel bad about being wrong.

I appreciate those who have come here to challenge my thoughts in  the past because it keeps me going. It helps me learn from my mistakes and or see things in a more open minded way. because I can admit that I'm closed minded about things .. otherwise I just have a crazy imagination... in essence, those of you who have been here. whether you've participated or not. I'm glad you're still here.

I may not be the best writer in the world, but I am a better writer than I was when I started this blog.  which Ironically is 10 years old too,  Well, I think I've said enough.

- The Book