Friday, November 21, 2014

Battling El Coldo!

It's 3.35 Am and  At this point. DJ's Package is on the way.
Ashley rejoined facebook after multiple attempts to stay away.
I talked to my Ex about some things that I disliked, but I accept.  I think I made her slightly upset but at the end of it all. it is what it is. We will be friends. I may have said to much just now. but i know she understands my position.

I watched a load of movies, yeah I feel bad because some y were bootlegged but shew, I saw some of them right on youtube. LOL others were netflix.  most of them were Great movies though.

I was able to watch The Watchmen and I must watch it again. My new Favorite Hero is Rorschach! lol

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank You President Obama for Holdin' It Down!.

It's wild because The Pro-Regulations  folks are totally against this and have no idea what Net  Neutrality is about.  I just ran across a link regarding Ted Cruz' comment. I was joked out but it was also very informal

Check this link.. 

I agree, The internet should be regulated by what private companies feel the people should have access to. we should be able to have a 100% open internet, at High Speeds with no restrictions other than the ones we chose to make.. at this point. That's my only thoughts on this. but I totally agree with the press..

from what I know, the FCC is against it .. Watch how conservatives go against it..  I feel like this, if you don't actually Use the internet, you shouldn't try to regulate it.   if they had it their way. there woyld be  ESRB ratings on everything.

Paranoia & Prepping!

No I'm not Paranoid, But In a case study I'd rather be prepared just in case others go paranoid. LOL!

I've found myself watching Doomsday Preppers on Netflix. I've watched the first 6 episodes so far and all it's done was make me think about being prepared for emergency situations. As for now I'm not prepared for anything, but I know that i do I have the power to control my own destiny when the time comes.

I have always been a fan of  End Time Prophecy from both a Both Biblical. Scientific & Secular stand points.. Whether it be End of the World. Global Meltdown,  a Solar Flare, Earthquake, Flood, New World Order, Martial Law, a Pandemic, whatever. I'd love to be prepared to get up and Go if need be..At this point I am not prepared. During Katrina i wasn't prepared. but  and thousands of others survived.

What Doomsday Preppers brought to my attention is that there are many ways to Survive by preparing properly. I would love to prepare to "Bug In" but Buggin' Out sounds like an ADVENTURE! (lol) For the most part.  The show makes me feel like I should give up on a few possessions. because in a worse case scenario,  it won't be necessary to my survival anyway.

In New Orleans we always have to be prepared for hurricanes & Floods, but most people don't think about preparing until the season starts. I think I'm gonna make it my duty to have supplies ready to be used just in case the power goes out or anything else of that nature. I'd love to invest some time in to prepping. but I don't want to seem parinoid about it.

Most prepers are overly concerned and fear the end times or what ever it is they're planning for. . I don't fear it all. I just know it's bound to happen. I wouldn't want to live in fear at all about it..

Don't Worry, I'm still here..

For the past few days I've had a headache out of this world, I regurgitated a few days ago and still i have the headache.

It's November, My Moms & Brother's birthday have passed, now  Jaime's birthday is coming, mine is a week after that.  .. it's wild to say i've been blogging for 10 years.

In the past month I've been able to reconcile with the Ex. which we never really were on bad terms. but when things exploded the I didn't want to associate myself with her. a year has passed she's married with a kid. That's good for her and Great for me. (lol)

I'm trying to get on board once again business wise. I got work to do. I'm way out of the loop and i don't want to fail at it..   I'm about to come with a second blog entry at this point.   .. #NEXT

The Book.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Why do we believe?

So I saw this video being shared amongst friends of mine who was asking for their opinions (not my opinion though LOL) .. Please note, It’s being shared by a Converted Muslim. Ironically this video was created by an Atheist

The Video calls all black Christians stupid for believing in the religion of the slave master ..  well Okay you’ve got points and all. but at the end of the day. What Do We Believe in without The One God? .. The Religious of our origins? what ever those were.. WE DON’T KNOW… I’ll expound in a version of my response to the actual thread Below the video..

I have commented once before on other threads regarding this same video which was shared by a Muslim simply because it’s just another attack on Christianity.. yet all the Rastafarians and Muslims and Egypt God Conscience & Conscious believers are on beneath this video talking some mad Bananas equally about Christians .. Basically All of these groups love promoting anti Christian propaganda.  Therefore my replies are always simple and basic before code words are stated that just blows me out of the water.

Well as stated, This video was shared among my friends via facebook. We all agree. that much of which is stated in the video is true. but generally nobody not even myself directly mentioned that this video was just atheist propaganda. Which is being Promoted by other anti Christians (which is wild to me because atheists don't believe in any of their gods either)

After agreeing that much was true I stated That Basically, there were thousands of religions in the world before Christianity & Islam.. yet those are the biggest two. and it’s mainly because they were equally forced upon all men and women, Not just blacks. but we were stripped of everything we once knew. brought here and were told to believe in something and It’s They believed it, but because they wanted us to abide by Laws that were already in existence, and specifically  For them to use it as a weapon against us.

One Comment asked basically, Would we be Christians today hadn’t it been beaten into us by slave master?   My response basically was to that question alone.. but there were other responses afterward that.

She also Asked about how some folks like the Hebrew Israelites say that blacks are the chosen people & some Jews believe they’re the chosen people.  .. many of the black Hebrew Israelites like to say that the black man was the original Jew.. I’ll let them believe that though cause that isn't my problem Laughing out loud 

Another comment stated that Christianity is a fabricated religion due to King James’ influence, as well as it being Oppressive, because the Messiah taught  our if Love no matter what a persons struggle was. This person also recommended the research of Yahweh and starting from there to the person if they’ concerned about their salvation.


Hindu (a religion in India ) , Greek Gods  (of Greece ), Roman Gods ( Roma / Rome), Norse Gods (of Germany), Egyptian Gods ( of Egypt) .We know of these lands to have 10 Major Gods, Each God has Children who are also Gods. Other world religions such as Native American Tribes & African Tribes were worshipers of Animals, Nature, Dragons,  The Cosmos or Astrology (Earth, Moon Sun, Stars etc,) Example: Allah is the God of the Moon.

Through out the bible, it mentions many of these other Gods by name as well as what they did or may have done. Yet The bible also says In Deuteronomy 5-7 “Thou shalt have no other gods Before Me”  and on MY part. That’s what sums it up for me. I’d rather believe in one God than to have been a believer in many.

For the most part, Why we believe today is because according to scripture. God Chose his people to Spread the word and be the influence. much of it went totally ignored and was screwed overtime by those who were Not Chosen by god spread the word.  These people were the Enlightened and Illuminated ones who used the book to  strategically mess everybody over.

Some of them were Kings, Queens and Political leaders. those people in power forced it upon their People. who’ve enforced it upon us  Those people are the Illuminated ones.

The Biggest Christian Organization in the world was and still is a KINGDOM.. The Vatican. Itself is the home of the pope, A Religious leader a political leader, and technically a king.  Quick Tidbit: The Disciple Peter is Buried there, .How did he get there?  I don’t know.  maybe he walked LOL  anyway .. .he sure wasn't catholic though

Long before Americanized religions. In The U.K. those people weren't Christians, They were among the many who were forced to accept it  those who brought it to America were not Free people. They were under the Supreme rule of Kings, Queens and “Prime Ministers”  They were not Free People.

They came to America under Living under  British Rule which included Christian influence for over 300+ years . Think about the fact that on July 4th 1776 being the day where the Grand Kids of White Slaves (or Journeymen) who Brought blacks to America Declared Independence for Everything Britain represented. which included the Christian beliefs. They wanted to free themselves not be bound by religion nor the governing rule of others.. 

Yet to avoid Chaos in their land They forced a religion they didn’t want and bestowed it upon us   Basically Creating  the Order of the New World to Protect themselves from the mass population of Black Slaves. Our people were so far removed from their tribes, languages and religions till they had no choice but to accept.  With the Religion they were forced to learn, they had to somehow come together to defeat the demons.

And today.. We Exist …

For The Most part, I had more to day but that there says basically my take on the whole situation.