Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Houston vs New Orleans 2015.mp4

Joel Washington Meets Spencer Butler | TSU Funk Train

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Petition to reopen Kennedy High School (My Thoughts)

I saw a petition asking the RSD to rename Lake Area HS to Kennedy... Please note, That's not an RSD school.nor are they responsible for the building

Lake Area Existed Before Katrina, they were on Paris Avenue in its current location. in 2004 in the old Schaumberg elementary moved to a new location and the school there opened up as Lake Area .. It was an elementary to middle school i believe ,... Katrina happened and the school died..

AFTER KATRINA  RSD took FEMA's money, Built a "decent" school which is sub par in comparison to LW or Holy Cross,  The School was called "Greater Gentilly High School. their school colors were red and white, Mascot "Leopards"   2 years later  UNO moved their charter Thurgood Marshall  High School  Merged with them. Their school colors as a HS were Blue and White and they had no mascot .. the merger caused the colors to be Red White and Blue and the Leopard to remain..

It Failed, Prompting RSD gave up the building to a new Charter Provider  ...  First Line Schools.

Kennedy's name was on the table when First Line Charter took over. but they decided to go with the name, colors and mascot which was already on the building when they moved there.

The School and its charter are doing exceptionally well at this point and have even adopted the Kennedy Fight Song and Alma Mater song into ther theme, they even are allowing Kennedy folks (as welll as others) to contribute as they please as long as it's put in the proper forms to be accepted.

In my opinion, I'd support a name change, but at this point it isn't necessary. but if we put in effort to claim lake area as an adopted school. It would work out greatly..

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Stealth Bombers Flying over N.O?

Yesterday I heard a great roaring sound erupting over my home. I ran outside, saw nothing.
It happened a second time  maybe 5 minutes later.  and I run back out, I missed it again, but my neighbor saw it!.

I talked to him for about 20 minutes hoping it would pass over us again. No hope, We were surprised no one else came outside at this time. It was dark out, but i believe it was before 9pm.

The neighbor said that the plane was very small and was flying very low which caused the rumbling of our buildings and such loud noise. It would have been great for me to see considering the stuff i was blogging about the other day..

Maybe it was a test flight or training. maybe it was a prep for a show. we don't know. but it was there!.

There are a number of things I could have done this weekend

But I couldn't make it.

McD#35 vs St. Aug happened tonight, but I had a party to take pictures at. which I didn't make due to no transportation.  Also apparently the 35 game was apparently stopped at some point due to something erupting at the game. according to facebook. They've obviously been rained on by now though

Also, Tonight was the Labor Day Classic: Texas Southern vs Prairie View A&M.  according to pictures I've seen, the bands look good and the crowd is pretty, well  "There" but not full capacity.

Oh, I cut my hair! ..

Aside from that, I still feel bad, Nearly everyone in my household had some kind of cold and it got to me... I feel much better now. hopefully I don't have to pull any snot out of my face in the morning. LOL! ..


I was asked to take pictures at someones grandma's 96th birthday party. but when I told the person $200.00 for 200+ pic Plus 200 Prints ..  they hanged up on me.. apparently that's too much money for them. I even went down $100.00 still offering to print. and usually i don't do that.. I tried callin' back. no answer.   Oh well.

I'm cheap as it is. but it makes me wonder how folks will take me if i charged by the hour.