Thursday, March 19, 2015

Some Things Just Happen

So, I'm on my timeline and I see something from a friend of mine who at one point i used to talk to every day until the things in her life started  looking up for her. career and personal life.. She seemed very happy, Getting right into a career of choice and being very great at what she does. Marrying the guy who was the love of her life. and appearing to be very happy Then one day that all stopped.

She was no longer on my social media feeds. of course I hadn't talked to her in nearly 4 years on average. At one time I considered her a bestt friend of mine. she is still my friend. I love her to death. but at this very moment, I haven't had a conversation with her in forever..

I'll expound on that soon, but most recently . In the past month she's been back on my feed, Insta, Facebook, Twitter. the usual. she's active again. She's even in a new relationship... which is a shocker, It makes me wonder what happened, yet at the same time, that's none of my business. So far She's posted a picture of herself and the new guy, as well as making the "Status" change to "in a relationship" ... doing that of course got alot of likes and a few nosey people posting "Girl call me" .. on her page for Dirt.. that's a shame, but its what people do.   Honestly I'd like to know. but then again. i would want to hear it from the guys side. because I knew him and he was a cool guy and also the love of her life. But I understand there's a time where two young adults must grow up and maybe  their love had faded and the things they both had chosen to put up with had gone way overboard./

I remember talking to her about that kinda thing long before they both got married. She was deeply in love. and so it boggles me that shes not with him. although i'm very happy to know that she's found someone new. with that said I would hope that the she divorced him now that she's in this new relationship,

.. with that said,. With myself not knowing of this a few weeks a  i addressed her by her apparent Ex's last name as  It was   typical of me to do.. now I feel kinda bad about that. yet it's not my fault for not knowing.. and well hey..I hope that The new guy is good to her, and i hope the Ex gets himself together and make strides to achieve greatness on his own.  If they're actually divorced. then life goes on. If not. I hope they could work things out and get back together someday.. but then again.. Love Fades.

As a Regard to Marriage, in general here's how i feel

Once you tie the not, the commitment you make is beyond human, it's divine, those who don't fully understand that, eventually come to terms and break away from each other. . Some folks want the title, some folks do it assuming love will grow stronger not considering the problems that existed in the relationship prior to the marriage lingering on .. I love relationships aned Marriage  but happiness and competeness wont come out of getting married .. The actual Ceremony is just a big "Show" otherwise its a Baptism of to make two become One ... And  Withouth the oneness of that commitment to both lives as they are  to god,, the vows you claim to hold are meaningless.  

The Book 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Alot of people pass away at unexpectedly, but this passing just hit me!

There was a guy I knew We called "Doofey" I've Known him since about 2008, He was in High School then, I took a few pictures of the Edna Karr band, I talked to him for a bit..  He eventually marched in High School at Southern University where he was also a Trumpet Player. We were also part of the same City Based Organization within the band so I would see him alot throughout the years..

Yet it had been a while, The first time I had seen him since probably 2012 actually.But I had no clue it would be my last time seeing him alive. We greeted and that was all. He was looking for someone and I was preparing to record the bands... Had no clue that would be the last time I saw him.  in fact I had just "Remembered" him because his appearance was slightly different from the lat time I had seen him.  Otherwise the guy looked pretty healthy to me.  

Well today, I found out He Died of Liver Failure. and that saddens me. It saddens us all who knew him. so I know it's gotta be hurting his family.

And as much as he hated this picture of him in high school..  It's that one pic i got of him that was "Clear" in high school.  Good dude..

Rest In Peace Edward "Doofey" Johnson

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

NOLAB needs your help!

Please take some time to vote for my organization, the New Orleans Legacy Association of Bands, Inc.!
The Gulf Coast Bank’s Community Rewards Program will be giving away a total of $50,000 to 10 local non-profits to assist them in their missions in our community. This year, over 400 non-profits registered for our 3rd Annual Community Rewards Program.

The voting period is from Wednesday, February 25th until Wednesday, March 25th at 8 p.m. Voting is limited to one vote per day per valid email address

Monday, March 02, 2015

Getting Things Done

Okay, Maybe I personally don’t have all my stuff together, but I feel good about the projects I’m now involved in. and I owe it all to other folks, but it’s causing me to make connections with the right folks for the right reasons.

Most Recently I volunteered with photography and videography for the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation “Rock Your Roll” event. thanks to Robin.

I took a snapshot of the release form too. apparently I’ll be doing this until it ends. I’ll be able to put this on my resume too!  Credited with works in film and photography.  I feel good about that too.

I’ve been talking heavily with Solomon and some others on the board now to get things done both on an offline for our org NOLAB. I I hope to make the right decisions along with their approval to make what we have work. I’m very excited honestly.

I was able to talk to Ethan Brown briefly, conversation ending partially due to a call for a gig.  Can’t wait til that’s over lol.  I also caught up with my boy Mike Jones.. otherwise I gotta get my personal life together  and THEN make some moves because I don’t want to be stuck.. that’s all I can say for now.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Understanding The Power Concept in Marching Band

Many folks in band talk about Bands having Power don't fully understand the concept of Sound Power, They assume that a band playing loudly is Power ..but volume isn't the a major factor in the power concept..

I recently wrote this in a facebook group to explain to some folks what it means for a band to possess power.   I may have posted something like this in my blog before, but at this very moment/ I don't remember. so here goes my philosophy.

Intensity isn't necessarily power, it's only part of the concept. you destroy the

music by focusing only on volume

High Endurance, + High Stamina, = High Energy + Pressure = Intensity.+ Control of Frequency ( as the execution of creating moving sounds via proper articulation and volume ) = Power ..
when you are in total control of the frequency of sound you produce, You "have Power...

With Power, you control the elements that make up the sound. the only thing you don't really have total control over is the conditions of environment, yet that environment cant be used to the advantage of the musician or musicians / band that consistently deals with the conditions itself. e=mc2

All of the that + Emotion makes it all worth while ,, without emotion. you cant really "sense" the power.

Ignoring Written Notation, could lead to deflated articulation, which means all of your energy will now go to playing loudly & Blasting "in your own world" . and more Physically you might start " start "Spraying" or lose balance, or possibly even collapse because you focused all your energy on one thing .. = ZERO CONTROL.
Proper conditioning is a major part of the power concept .. it's why some of our bands When Marching in a Parade sound the exact as they do while standing Still, and or preserve energy while marching, waiting till "high spots" in a parade to release all of the reserved energy for the big moment. ..

.It's also the reason our bands don't really "Feel Tired: until the parade ends.. .
then they wake up to do it all over again.