Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life's Bigger..

Lets hope tomorrow is as great as my last "week" over the weekend was.
Sol, Eb & Rob came down here to get some NOLA-B business straight. hopefully this will all make what we do better. I think it's time I take it to the floor and do more though.  I think I'm not doing enough yet i am doing "something" and that's just brainstorming on Ideas.

So much was done, yet not enough. I have things to do in the AM so i may as well go to sleep now. LOL! .

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Folks are slipping away fast!

Man  man, , I was just browsing Facebook just to say "Hi" a friend of mine I hadn't spoken to in a while   and I'm shocked to know she passed away in January .. I am at a loss for words at the moment.. It was complications from a liver transplant ..It's wild man, knowing 2 people who died this year of complications of the liver.

It's crazy checking someone's page and the first thing you see from folks on her page is "I miss my friend" ... Starts scrolling down and it just blew my mind .. I used to talk to her alot…She was Great person and always looking to make moves to succeed in her career path...   She sure won't be forgotten..

Rest In Peace Jamie Jones

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Time to move on

Okay, As the enthusiast and opportunist I am. There are things that I haven't capitalized on, and basically Thats everything it takes to get out of my current situation.

There are things I wasn't taught how to do, that I still don't know how to do. Things I should have accomplished by now that I haven't made the moves to make it happen. Why? because I constantly prolong everything.  I must make moves. It's hard to motivate myself when I don't have somebody to encourage me or to take that journey with me.

I've been places, I do things.  but not the things i need to do.. why? because help  is hard to come by in this "Do It yourself" kind of world.    Am I happy with my life. NO. my happiness comes from the things I do for others .. crazy but true..

I just need to get away from here. but then again I gotta make the moves. I haven't worked a full time in 9 years . It's time i make that happen no doubt i've done temporary since then. and have made money on my own taking photos for people .. but according to the government. That's not legal because I don't hold licences.. Hey I'm an artist. what can i say. .. LOL

anyway on a serious note .. I need somebody! I need to make MOVES!

Monday, March 30, 2015

OK I'm happy with the Mania results!

I was able to watch WWE Wrestlmania from the start and I'll say, I was happy with the outcome.

Tag Champs. Kid & Cesaro, the match was IMO a D+ and  the Outcome was B- but I'll give it to Cesaro for making the pin.  It got confusing when Big E. became the Legal Man,,,

Andre The Giant Battle Royal: Didn't upset BUT #AXELmania didn't happen .. SANDOW showed out! dude deserves better. I wanted him to win

Latter Match .. BRYAN WINS.. YES... NO! . I actually wanted Narret or Ambrose to win.. I think Ambrose is Hurt.. Man that fall was ODD! .. Ziggler is still the man too though .. HARPER YEAAAH!!! he was GREAT!

Cliché Legends "yes" moment LOL

DIVAS TAG MATCH ... AJ LEE & Paige won,. #TAPOUT..

RUSEV vs CENA .. RUSEV WAS AWESOME!!!! lol CENA WON!! lol he makes the US title look "small"

STING vs HHH .. WOW BRUH ... The Intro's the NWO vs DX WCW moment .. So much greatness .. SCOTT HALL TOOK A BUMP!!!  inwanted Razors EDGE LOL!!

BRAY WYATT VS TAKER!! .. .. WOW BRUH,. that match had me BEAT!! taker was on a ROLL ..Bray Wyatt should pay his taxes LOL!! ..  i was so on edge that I forgot all about Lesnar vs Reigns .. lol!!

LESNAR VS REIGNS ,, BRUH.. Reigns wasn't READY!!! LOL~!!! .. Rollins with the curn stomp .. BOOM!! lol Lesnar's gonna kill'em! LOL $newChamp RAWLINS!