Thursday, April 10, 2014

First Time Using The Type Cover

Today I received my surface type cover. And I am currently using it to type this blog. I purchased it after receiving s $100 amazon gift card. Via a twitter contest.  I only paid $9 cash for it. THAT Is s steal. I am very fortunate to get these items too.

What I really need Is a Job though. I currently am doing parties for $200 but that all gets spent in the process, I need to get this job so that I can hurry up and get a new cam.. my crowd funding thing isn't working. I will likely delete it if s month passes and I don't get anything. :( six for me.

Dah well. KARAOKE NIGHT!!!!

The screenshot you see is this blog being posted from the Google's app on the surface. Cool right!.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

My Wrestlemania Weekend.. or whatever..

Due to the fact that I remained oddly busy between thursday and sunday. I wasn't able to go out as I really wanted to. Also, It rained. that wasn't gonna help/. Well. I watched the events unfold online and on TV really from the Articles, Facebook Groups, the PPV and all the hype here in N.O. that I didn't really get to see.

So I took my chances on Wrestlemania day bu going to the dome. I got decked out in my NWO shirt in honor of Scott Hall going to the Hall of Fame and my "Hounds of Justice" Dong Tags for the Shield. What a great deal that was.. When I loaded the bus, there was a guy asking me what I did with the cam.. He said he hosts party bus parties and wanted to holla at me.  So yeah..... I MIGHT start doing that..

Anyway.. I got off on canal. Turned at Bourbon because I heard a brass band. GREAT! it was the "One Mind brass band"  gigin' a few of my boys were out there on bourbon playing for the mania crowd! cool stuff!.

After a few minutes out there, I decided to hit up the Superdome. I met a group of out of towners on their way who had trouble getting there. I basically escorted and talked to them  while we headed directly to the dome.   After getting there  looking at all the crazy costumes, hearing the  chants and seeing all these people. I went to see if i could buy a ticket.... Nah.. WAY TOO MUCH FOR ME! lol I have bills to play, I chose to keep my money, I took my funds and came home.

On my way back, I spotted ECW Legend  Tommy Dreamer on Canal Street heading toward bourbon. .. When I made it home, I decided to check online, I found a feed to watch mania while participating in the facebook group and feeds

My asessment of Mania .. I'm glad that it was here.  There were many Great momments, Moments i wish didn't happen and Moments that were flat out dull. BUT i'm glad i watched.. I'm glad about who all went into the HOF and today RAW was awesome... New Orleans LOVES the Wyatt Family.. WOW! .. that's all i can say! to that... it was amazing.. LOL!

I've been meaning to write here since last Tuesday!

Well. My Bad followers or followers I used to have, LOL. because uhh, I'm late with this one. Well, Last week I I went out with Lisa P. and some others to do Karaoke for the first time!. She scooped me up after coming from work, I'm glad i chose to hang out too. She went to pic up another friend of hers. and we also met there with ""Big Red" as well as a friend of theirs "Nat" who's originally from France.

It was a great experience for me because I had never done Karaoke.before. With it being on one of my random bored Tuesday's I couldn't just say no. I was bound to though. After picking up Slim. we stopped by the Hi Ho Lounge which was right across the Street from  Kajun Pub. because their was a brass band show there.  Random, Bunny of TBC played "JFK JAM" when he saw me LOL! it was cool seeing them guys lol of the newly formed "Most Wanted Brass Band".

After Vowing not to Sing, I was provoked by Slim (who was there with Lisa & I) to sing.  my first time on stage was with Slim who did a 50 Cent tune. It was fun, it wa sa break in session. I should have gotten a sandwich from genes too though,  I had a great time.  I drank a Corona and a Sierra Nevada.I don't drink beer so I was burped out, mainly off of the Sierra Nevada, it was a Torpedo IPA which i read was a Pure breed of hops... I'm not a beer person but i totally get it. it was kinda strong and tangy LOL!

After those beers, and watching many others perform., Especially the Puppet who sang "We didn't Start the Fire" it encouraged me to do Enter Sandman... I registered so late though that by the time I started everybody was nearly gone. I put alot of energy into it. /// EXIT LIGHT!!!!!!... That took play after seeing Lisa, Big Red and Nat sing their tunes.. Oh and Nats naturally french voice Singing PYT was Awesome. I gotta get a french woman in my life just to hear her speak to me LOL!

While Riding home I got to talk to lisa about some things that were on my mind as well as some other stuff  that i don't mention in this blog. She also shared some things with me, it was real cool of her to do so. I feel Like I owe her now LOL! .. I had a great time..

My next Entry will be about my Wrestlemania Weekend.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Makes Me Wonder.

You know, After being ejected from that relationship I thought I was in, I have found peace with the situation. yet I realize that I can't really totally get away from her. LOL!  Not necessarily a bad thing though. I haven't had any communication or contact from her. aside from the fact that she just comments & likes my facebook statuses. which I left public because i have Nothing to hide.

Being that she did re-add me as a friend. I decided to finally accept. I also realize that she finds me in other places on the web. I honestly wonder about her sometimes. yet at the same time I really don't care because of what she put me through mentally.  But all in all, I'm good. I hope to be "friends" with her someday. but now. I really can't accept her decisions because it's foolish.

Honestly I can't believe I was with a girl who just refused to claim to be by significant other.
who totally would Play me the way she did. Or would even Get married 3 months after Breaking the news that she had a new man.. as if i totally didn't exist.

Ironically the same thing happened to my boy Josiah! Crazy right.. #LIFE!

I bought a Loot Crate!

So I was on facebook and I saw this Ad, and with no intention on buying this, I checked out the product and said "wow this is cheap! LOL so i got a $20 Loot Crate, I know the contents inside will be EPIC based on the crazy stuff they already sell. I saw another site with prink items and things alike but something about the Loot Crate Drew me.. crazy right.

There are some other things I want to blog about... #NextPOST!