Thursday, May 26, 2016

When It comes to Multimedia Editing

I think it's funny when folks who don't do what we do, try to tell us what we should do or should use because "They heard" or they have a friend who uses.." ..

We all work at our own pace with what ever software we can afford.. I particularly still use the software I've been using because I think i've mastered the program. that's what matters more than specifics.
Folks think it's crazy when I say I use Corel Paintshop Pro to edit photos. but I've had about 4 different versions of the software since 2002.

The Closest thing I've had to any Adobe Software were the Macromedia versions of Fireworks and Macromedia Dreamweaver, There were some others but I don't need to name them,

On top of that, there are too many people who are so used to this Insta world that they thing that we are obligated to record today, edit today and post tonight. no, it doesn't happen that way.
Stephen Spielberg doesn't edit overnight.

As for the software themselves. I dislike when major software providers try to compete with the mobile software by adding Automatic & Instant effects. It just kills the moral of the software sometimes. it's cool to have additional features, but what about when the API for Instant Upload features gets killed. software died in a sense

On my part, I use what I use and it makes due for me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Yet The Expectations Are High,

I found myself talking to my friend as well as my sister along with some threads about relationships and things again. and It's like. I know that I'm not in the position to have a woman, I'm not financially stable, I'm pretty much broke and that's all gotta change. Yet, I desire a relationship. I desire a great friendship with a woman that is close to me.  yet I know I can't have that because I'm not prepared to take on the venture. Those things outweigh my desire for a woman.

It's the reason I can not approach a woman who will be serious enough to accept me as I am and work with me on becoming a greater man. Sure I'm a nice guy, but I don't physically poses the things women desire out of a man. and that's where I fall short. I need to fix that.

There are women that would love to be with me, but they aren't really looking for me because I haven't made myself appealing to them. No woman wants a guy to just "Exist" they want a provider. I'm not that guy. Yet I wanna be that guy. Allow me to grow to be that guy and I will.

No woman wants a broken man, No woman wants an unstable man who has nothing who lives with his parents. I admit i'm not the total package, but work with me and I can be the great man that you want me to be.

I've been rejected, I've been denied,because women typically expect a guy to be their everything. even when it comes to face value.   At this point I just feel like all i need is a woman to chill with live. I have my friend to talk to by phone, but she;s so far away that I'm always alone. Tragic..

I want to experience what I experienced in my last relationship again. just. with someone who has nothing up their sleve, someone who won't walk out on me, someone who values the same thing I value. somebody to Laugh and Cry with. I need Love.   Like the lyrics to the Temptations song, I want a love I can See.. (lol)

But, these women want me to be superman..unfortunately I can't be your superman. I'm just "A Nice Guy" that needs love. but,I I need to fix myself. The Big deal iz, I have to do so under the guise of a woman's expectations or a person who knows what women desire. and I don't know exactly what any individual woman wants. but I have to be mindful that All women aren't the same.. I can only be me.

I recently saw a thread asking why is it that there are so many single women out there? .. Same reason there are many single men. Many of them have been broken by past relationships and don't wanna deal with a man that will play with their minds.  The problem is, this causes those women have a be cold heart  when dealing with the next man. Then we get compared to their exes for the things we can't do. and not praised for the things that we are doing.

I'm not a bad guy,. I'm not a killer,  don't do or sell drugs, I don't smoke, I'm not a thug nor gangsta. and I won't beat you. but I still don't qualify to be your guy... and yet you'd deal with those spirits over me because you like their mindset and what they have and how they are in bead.. Meanwhile I'm here, You don't have a man, but I'm here.

It's a double edged sword, you want a "Caring Thug" because that's manly to you. I'm sorry that's not me. All I really want is to  be by your side and be happy to have you., but if that's not a real man to you, that i guess I don't qualify.

ASide from that. I guess I'm picky. I've rejected women purposely because I did not like the way they looked and or carried themselves.. I've even done that in my mind without approaching a woman.. I could be standing at a distance and observe and get a whole big picture . You "Profile them" Just as their online profiles are complete with everything that reflects them.

They Speak, or white and I may be turned off by the way they sound , their verbiage or their philosophy/ The Visual: How they dress, or keep their hair or their demeanor and character, Certain Physical features. You don't have to be a 10 but at least be nice looking (lol)  Their Actions.   The things they do could be a turn off. But mostly with that comes the unknown baggage of their past. guys in their lives, their babies. their families. their expectations.  what they believe is love.. all if that.. I guess it's only hard because everybody expects something greater than their own being. .. I just want Love from a woman.. All I want is equal love.. Allow me to show my love. That's all I want.  I don't expect much.


They Wanna be Greek Too

This Article has been posted up on social media Lately regarding a Greek lettered org of women
(Click here for full article)  portraying the Omega's, Everybody's expressing their opinions. majority see it all as a mockery. I agree. but for different reasons.

I Believe that it's fairly okay to start your own GLO or Non-GLO, but don't infringe on the likeness of another org, that's where you become a laughing stock. Maybe the likenesses aren't legally registered trademarks, but it's obvious where everything these women are doing.. totally "Blasphemy" (lol) .

I don't care what your org represents or whom they are reaching.
but in the meantime Get your own signals, steps, creed, laws, rules, insignia etc.

I recently saw something in the comments section saying "Black people shouldn't be Greeks because its not African" (total other subject) i guess they don't understand that the only thing "Greek" about those orgs are the letters themselves some folks assume that Greeks are sitting up here trying to Go to Delphi to channel Zeus, Aristotle,Prometheus, and Nike.. Nah That's not it.. LOL!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Caps of Knowledge

I could be wrong, but... here goes.

The Mortarboard is square. 90 degrees on each side.  = 360
High School, Undergrad degrees, Masters degrees fall under this.
The tassel sits one side representing 90 degrees of knowledge

The Tam is an octagon. They're 135 degrees at each angle, 1080 degrees internally and 360 degrees externally,
Doctorate degrees fall under this. the Tassel sits on 135 degrees
that's about a 1 4th of 360 degrees.

The Fez - Is a cylinder with a circular top, Circles are 360 degrees
which in "full circle" represent great knowledge by the wearer identifying them as a noble aristocrat. Where the tassel is pinned to hang represents a specific degree of knowledge, If its not pinned down, represents 360 in total.

On fiction they typically put the Fez on monkey's, mocking black men, who dawned them in real life/,  they're also put on also genies, or wise men.
Phrygian cap is a like a oblique cone, i with a pointed apex. thy vary is volume and radius. There are no tassels. It represent the free man (Free Black People) Those set free by the Romans who once enslaved them ..It's also called the Liberty Cap.

In Fiction you see it worn by:
Link from Legend of Zelda: Power Wisdom and Courage.
Santa Claus: Happiness and the greater good
Then there are elves, dwarfs, pygmy's gnomes, smurfs who have great power, great wisdom in their stories

In real life: Atop the US Capital building is the Statue of Freedom (The Roman Goddess "Libertas")

The statue was supposed to dawn the liberty cap, but the confederate president Jefferson Davis did not approve of the Liberty Cap.being in the final creation of the statue stating these words
"American liberty is original and not the liberty of the freed slave"

The more you know.

The Charter Illusion

There are these videos of these specific charter schools being promoted and reposed on facebook because of the amounts of black student success and all that. sounds great right? yeah.but it's an illusion of real success. and Although it looks good on paper, I'm not the biggest fan of it.

No Doubt, Seeing these black students graduate at a 100% Rate sounds great, it looks great and Is great. but it's just a numbers game. it's a process created by design. and Although I want to praise it. I can't because the truth about many of those schools is very simple.

There's a league of schools for black boys that are connected in multiple states with a specific goal and agenda in mind. it's to make black boys a success. I'm pretty sure these specific schools are all for the education and proper grooming of a black man. that is a major plus, But  in a numeric system, the only thing that matters are the numbers, not the actual education of the student. and that's where I see a problem.

Consider this.
John Doe High School,
Home of the Black & Blue Eagles
1300 students Co-Ed
Open 80 years, running underfunded for the last 30
Fights, violence, expulsions, drop outs.rates increase over the years.
but Graduating class is at 300 seniors,, but only 42% of them college / trade school bound.
The government deemed it a failure and it's closed..

A charter system moves in..
They change the name, mascot, colors and culture of the school
Hire new staff and faculty
Requires a GPA of 3,9 to attend.
Nobody in the neighborhood  makes the grade
The selected body is now 600 (co-ed)
Students from other cities are being bused in,
There's a bit of fighting and detentions, suspections, expultions, (because it's going to happen anyway)
Graduating only 70 Seniors this year
100% of their grads  will be going to college on scholarships
School receives billions in funding
The School is on the news because they turned around a bad school

Meanwhile the neighborhood kids are being shipped off to the next overpopulated underfunded  school. where they continue the fighting and killing over turf beef  etc.

That's what's really going on..

The Charter Illusion
It's By Design..