Tuesday, March 03, 2015

NOLAB needs your help!

Please take some time to vote for my organization, the New Orleans Legacy Association of Bands, Inc.!
The Gulf Coast Bank’s Community Rewards Program will be giving away a total of $50,000 to 10 local non-profits to assist them in their missions in our community. This year, over 400 non-profits registered for our 3rd Annual Community Rewards Program.

The voting period is from Wednesday, February 25th until Wednesday, March 25th at 8 p.m. Voting is limited to one vote per day per valid email address


Monday, March 02, 2015

Getting Things Done

Okay, Maybe I personally don’t have all my stuff together, but I feel good about the projects I’m now involved in. and I owe it all to other folks, but it’s causing me to make connections with the right folks for the right reasons.

Most Recently I volunteered with photography and videography for the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation “Rock Your Roll” event. thanks to Robin.

I took a snapshot of the release form too. apparently I’ll be doing this until it ends. I’ll be able to put this on my resume too!  Credited with works in film and photography.  I feel good about that too.

I’ve been talking heavily with Solomon and some others on the board now to get things done both on an offline for our org NOLAB. I I hope to make the right decisions along with their approval to make what we have work. I’m very excited honestly.

I was able to talk to Ethan Brown briefly, conversation ending partially due to a call for a gig.  Can’t wait til that’s over lol.  I also caught up with my boy Mike Jones.. otherwise I gotta get my personal life together  and THEN make some moves because I don’t want to be stuck.. that’s all I can say for now.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Understanding The Power Concept in Marching Band

Many folks in band talk about Bands having Power don't fully understand the concept of Sound Power, They assume that a band playing loudly is Power ..but volume isn't the a major factor in the power concept..

I recently wrote this in a facebook group to explain to some folks what it means for a band to possess power.   I may have posted something like this in my blog before, but at this very moment/ I don't remember. so here goes my philosophy.

Intensity isn't necessarily power, it's only part of the concept. you destroy the

music by focusing only on volume

High Endurance, + High Stamina, = High Energy + Pressure = Intensity.+ Control of Frequency ( as the execution of creating moving sounds via proper articulation and volume ) = Power ..
when you are in total control of the frequency of sound you produce, You "have Power...

With Power, you control the elements that make up the sound. the only thing you don't really have total control over is the conditions of environment, yet that environment cant be used to the advantage of the musician or musicians / band that consistently deals with the conditions itself. e=mc2

All of the that + Emotion makes it all worth while ,, without emotion. you cant really "sense" the power.

Ignoring Written Notation, could lead to deflated articulation, which means all of your energy will now go to playing loudly & Blasting "in your own world" . and more Physically you might start " start "Spraying" or lose balance, or possibly even collapse because you focused all your energy on one thing .. = ZERO CONTROL.
Proper conditioning is a major part of the power concept .. it's why some of our bands When Marching in a Parade sound the exact as they do while standing Still, and or preserve energy while marching, waiting till "high spots" in a parade to release all of the reserved energy for the big moment. ..

.It's also the reason our bands don't really "Feel Tired: until the parade ends.. .
then they wake up to do it all over again.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Investing in New Equipment

I'm actually trying to "Win" a new cam, because i don't have money to puchase a new one. sad part is, I really NEED a new camera. It's about time, I've been using the same camera for 4 years, it's time to upgrade and get the current refurbished or something./

The Camera's that i've been looking into are simpler, why? because DSLR's aren't neccesarily the best cameras for moving marching bands if you want to really capture greatness.... There are pro's and cons to any cam and I Love the DSLR, but I think a camcorder would work just fine.

I still need a camera for photo purposes as as well, that's what will keep me with a DSLR..


Watching The TV

Looks like I've resorted to my BLOG this time around. Okay, it's 2015 (once again lol) and I'm creeping on a come up. why keep dreaming without acting, Action should always be a priority, I gotta change my habits and get out of here. Procrastination is a killer and I'm not LIVING how i should be... so yeah I gotta make this happen for me in 2015