Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No More St. Bernard Project

Well, Its official, They're gonna tear down my hood...
After all the Fighting, Protest and Marches, Rallys in our community since Katrina; I guess Hud Has Decided that They Shoud Tear them down ...

According to HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, it will
"provide an economic and social renaissance to several New Orleans neighborhoods"
Tearing Down The Biggest Hood Will Keep ALL OF US OUT!.. You Dont Want us Back man.. Those Hoods Saved Lives.. Now You Wanna Build those SAME CONDOS THAT GOT TOTALLY DESTROYED IN KATRINA ... Hopefully that wont happen...

If Anything, They need to Build TALLER Buildings and not SHORTER ONES! ..St. Bernard projects were 2nd & 3rd Floor Housing and the 1st floor sat about 3 feet off the ground.. If They Replace these with One Floor Homes that sit flat on the ground The Next Flood will Kill us all..

Im Gonna Miss My Hood.. New Orleans... Man... Hud Just Took Away Apart of Me......

More From The "Phonz" .. He Says...

"We want to have a mind-set in New Orleans that is a working mind-set,"

Who's Gonna Work When Theres Nowhere to Live?

"When you have mixed-income communities the kids tend to perform better in schools and things tend to get better."

If Thats The Case Then I could stay where I am.. In HOUSTON, TEXAS WHERE EVERYTHING IS MIXED!

St. Bernard Projects had residents with Mixed income. but They Used The SYSTEM! .. We Had people with MONEY in the hood paying Cheap Rent because they Lied to stay there .. lol Thats what I Call Mixed Income .. yeah.. it was illegal but hey it was Cool.


Check out These Articles

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Article 2 (SBP at +++Posted Below+++)

HUD plans to reopen 1,000 public housing units
By Michelle Roberts
Associated Press Writer
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Wednesday that it will reopen 1,000 additional New Orleans public housing units this summer and increase the amount it pays for rental assistance to help bring the city's poor people back.
The plan - the first announced since Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the available public housing 10 months ago - calls for demolition of the city's largest public housing development, St. Bernard, and three others.
Those developments will be rebuilt into a combination of public housing, rental housing and single-family homes, HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson said in a statement.
Units in the least-damaged and newest developments will be repaired.

Residents of St. Bernard and other housing projects have been increasingly vocal in their effort to return to public housing, saying they are homesick and are being left out of the economic opportunities available in a city where wages for construction and other jobs have increased dramatically.
About 1,000 families of the 5,100 living in public housing pre-Katrina have been able to return, but units where utility service is still unavailable or water and mold damage was too severe have remained shuttered.
Jackson said 1,000 more units should be open by August.
HUD also has agreed to raise by 35 percent the amount it pays in vouchers to landlords, helping to offset the dramatic increase in rents since the city was flooded. Because of rising rents, most private apartments are beyond the reach of many poor people.
Jackson said that voucher recipients and public housing residents will be welcomed home to New Orleans, but that rebuilding public housing will take time.
''We want to ensure the public housing of the future is a source of pride for all residents of the city,'' he said.
Public housing in New Orleans is run by the federal government, which took over the job in 2002 after years of mismanagement and waste by local officials.
Mayor Ray Nagin has urged the federal government to move cautiously in restoring public housing, saying he does not want the projects - many of them crime-ridden and in poor condition - restored merely to pre-Katrina conditions.

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