Monday, December 17, 2012

Reading more on the Sandy Hook Tragedy

Not that I’m ignoring it, but I really hated hearing about the situation. But I tried not to take part in any discussions about it because it’s very upsetting.  I wasn’t home to view the Obama speech either.  I should have been.

I Personally was upset that in this time folks are acting out about Gun Laws rather than Security of the school itself, or over all The safety of ALL of the children.

I personally was more angered than saddened by this situation. I glimpsed through something written by the killers mother prior to her murder.  Looking at it I'm sure The Kid had a mental issue. Many people are asking “Where was God?”  I agree with Mike Huckabee’s Video where he spoke on how those who Demanded god be removed from school are the same people asking Why could God Allow this to happen.

There’s also that group talking about more gun laws & control. Gun Laws don’t apply to those who don’t own them legally. which means that any murderer or potential murderer does not care about the Laws nor Control, They’re willing to shoot at anything with no regard to Law,nor Humanity.

All I care about is the Children and the state of their families. It’s very tragic to have happened in a time like this or to happen at all. Like i said, you can’t ignore it. but it’s too upsetting to keep hearing about.

My prayers to all the victims.


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