Monday, January 15, 2007

The St. Bernard Community Returns to Clean their Homes


Not Really

I made it around to the rally today. where members of the community along with bus loads of college students and community activists sat out until about 12:00 when the Rally started. It felt kinda good to be apart of positive activism. it was somewhat "illegal" but we made it through the gates. YEP. we marched chanting things like "Welcome Home" and "HUD Wants to Cut Back, We Say F*** That" .. YEP.. NOT VIOLENT We marched from St. Bernard ave. Between Spiders and Bynum’s (By The Rising Sun ) to a driveway on Senate street. As the DJ cranked up "Family Reunion" we marched proudly through my old neighborhood. Down to the middle. Where we all split up to go clean up our own apartments, Various Local and Independent Media along with the News Stations were out for the rally. I Saw some well known neighbors old Cousins, my dads and brothers friends. it was like the OLD hood. THATS what i wanted to see. Happy people.

I have Video and Photo footage but I wont be able to upload them anytime soon. I also saw my boy Bonose who was "Acting" as if he was apart of the activities. I was even interviewed

I Gotta Go now.. Later Yall..
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