Friday, April 27, 2007

Congratulations to My Texas Southern Bruh and Sis's...

Of the Ocean of Soul..

To My Crab Brothers and Sisters who are now apart of KAPPA KAPPA PSI & TAU BETA SIGMA, To The Members who are New Section leaders
To my Brother for also being a Section leader.
To Those Band Members who have Become members of The Davine Nine & other Greek orgs

= Last but not least to My Little Big Sister Jermani for becoming the Captain of the "Motion of the Ocean" I knew that she could do it. It was always in her. To me, Her, Valeria and Amber were the best dancers to me.. Not that I was watching them or anything. but you could see that they Love what they do hopefully I can get out there to see them next season! .. Anyway Yeah big Ups to Jermani thats my girl rite there!..

Note From The Book
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