Sunday, May 27, 2007

Aww man that boys a Booty!!

so I posted a thread on The Sport about my Bayoutube Classic earlier today.. I get a reply but when I go there the thread is GONE.. .. im like MAN IM THE ADMIN AND THIS FOOL DELETED MY THREAD!! .. yeah the topic wasnt neccesarly in relation to the actual post but tHATS PURE HATE!

lol ... I made a thread called "1000 reasons Why SU Sucks Booty".. but that was only to show off a Video and to make NON SU members MAD ..

I realized that This Dude doesnt like anyone to say anything bad about his band or .. Gotta be Jared .. SHAME!! yet if i woulda said GRAMBLING he would've kept it there, because everybody jumps on them.. MAN thats lame ..LOL
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