Friday, May 25, 2007


Yeah, I dont have much to talk about so Sounds like a Bunch of Hooplah!

So after last night, I realized something that i had to talk to Josiah and Courtney about. self and my convo's with Kandace. Basically she has me in the Deep Friend mode.. the bad part is that I get sorta uncomfortable with some of the things she gets in to. things she really should be talking to a female about. and thats a problem. when i told Court what i was talking about she said that I seem Jealous. but im not. I just find my self and "mmhhmm , yeah " mode when she talks about the things that I really cant voice my opinion about. like.. I know what she dont like me like i like her. but its obvious that she's put me in that Good Ole friend mode and it sux almost. The Thing tho is that I dont want to mention it because I like to hear her talk. when she talks i find myself happy. but I cant be on the phone talking about what she thinks of certain boys ..LOL what about ME ..LOL Im like "Lets Talk about us" I could understand talking about problems with an ex, or maybe thangs about her but dang man.. i can be on the phone giving advice on other males . what about me what about US .

Sounds like a Bunch of Hooplah! to me

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