Friday, May 25, 2007


Uhh man, another one of them days.. lol

seems like amy winehouse has been Beasting it on da Charts ..err.. well as in The Music Videoes because i wouldnt know much about da charts

Lets see.. Its weird how wednesday we had an Idol Winner and Friday theres nothing to say about the win..LOL i guess people are getting Used to Idol! .. lol

Sent a letter to my buddy from the Op, but i hadnt gotten anything from her. Maybe she hasnt been online ..

Ohh! .. heres somerthing new .. through my Goowy account i signted up wiyh let you host things for free! .. only certain ammounts though. I singned up by mistake but the service is great . Check this out..

Cool huh?

Lets see whats new but Old

My Friend Debra AKA SISTER!! .. well, she went to some festival for gays cause shes gay now.. and took some pictures of everything which lead to the spreading of a picture of This dude named Kevin that was also a Marchingsport member and who is now Also gay. when we (the ole MS folks) found that out .. we were like OOoH MY..

^ yeah and tha twas new but old because i couldbe posted that earlier this week and if the pics were up earlier in da spring i would've known..

Ahh Boogers! This was another night. My buddy!
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