Friday, May 11, 2007

I Realized that

Majority of my Hits come from random Image Searches, Image searches of Linked pictres. I think im gonna stop doing that I'll just upload the ones i have on this pc. Well, nah.. lol

But yeah. usually they google for pics or they type in "Booknote" .. Eh, They Assume its a Book Review site. LMAO.. SORRY! .. I AM "The Book" Just to make sure you know.

Uhh.. After Defraging my PC and Making sure it was all Secure and crap. I found that loads of my files couldn't be fragmented because this PC has loads of Currupted files on it. I need a new Laptop. LOL. I dont want VISTA though, thats my problem

I think that its parcially the reason that Norton Internet Security Never decided to install itself here.

Bad enough the Screen is messed up.

I think Im gonna start a website for "What I think is good for Peoples PC's" .. oh wait. Im Doing that HERE!

Forget other Domains and site names "Note From The Book" Is a Beast. Its everything I need it to be..LOL

I should've started blogging long time ago.

I came up with the name for it when asked to be a columnist on a Marching band site The Column was going to be called "Just a Note From The Book" After thinking of that, and then Going through some things I decided that It was time I start Blogging ..LOL .. Im glad it worked out. Umm.

I think i'll put my Cafe Press shop back up here! .. I hope somebody decides to buy one of my shirts .. Yeah they are simple but I tried.

Anyway .. Even though im not a good Writer or typist.. I've been happy with whats on here.

Note From The Book
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