Thursday, May 03, 2007

Im Officially No longer a resident of Houston, Texas

Today we went to the City Hall in Westwego Louisiana (which is west of New Orleans) to get our State ID's .. Unfortunately I didnt get to keep my Texas ID, but hey. Thats cool. I dont need it.

I also Registered to Vote Here here. thats great. I was also registered in TX. I guess all of that becomes void when u're ID of that sate was given up. I had to help my momma figure that part out on paper though, at the same time she got disgusted because she felt that i told her too late .. Seems like they get mad at me when Im ..there was a section on the application that said "Former Residents of Registration" .. I didnt have a pen at the time, as my mom did hers, I rold her that she did it wrong. .. thats why her and my dad got on me ..LOL.. Like i said, I was right because I payed attention to "Former ""

let's see, Today we also got a Scare that turned out to be a Lie, which had Us Hurt for a moment. My mom called them up and told them about themselves though.
what happened was, we came home, and in no less than 5 minutes we got news that one of my cousins had been knocked Unconscious in a bad Car Wreck. It had all of us Scared and My dad was in tears, my sister left work and I alkso called my brother.. Man.. Turned out to be a LIE because my cousin didnt go to work .. HER sister called her job saying that She had been in an accident... Which prompted that person to call My Brother inlaw .. Who told my sister .. and that was that .. WHEN MY MOMMA GOT THAT NEWS SHE CALLED MY COUSIN AND TOLD HER OFF ABOUT THAT .. yeah.. turns out that my cousin (the one who didnt go to work) had no clue that her sister had acalled in and told them that ..SHAME though..

my sister , mom and I were discussing how stupid things like that can cause a person to have nervous brakedown.. You know .. Shame huh?

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