Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Standard Repetoire - Advantages and Disadvantages

All Bands have a standard repertoire, **you know the songs that our bands have played since they came out and we never dropped them** or the songs that we play to hype the crowd** (not referring to Traditional tunes which sometimes can be confused with Standard Rep)

We all know that Standard Rep has its advantages
In battles (home field advantage)
because the crowd Recognizes the song as a "band tune" so the Crowd Response is Greater (especially if its better than the other bands version)

But some of those Advantages become Disadvantages when things like this happen

Your band being Predictable
your crowd support goes sour at times because the next band is playing way better and Up to date tunes. ( especially When You're away)

Crabs Aren't Reading the Music
Crabs Know the music because their band your bands arrangement
Crab Hears your Version so much till he THINK he/she has mastered The fingerings..

There are others that i cant think of right now..

I saw a thread on The Regional board saying "When are "These songs" gonna Die Our" ... Unfortunately NEVER ..

But Thats what made me think of this Standard Rep thing...

have you ever been to a battle where you Predicted the bands outcome and They proved you wrong?

I posted this as a thread on the Marchingsport Forum

Speaking of that., Lately I've been beefing of those forums with loads of things, I think thats part of the reason that I hadnt been blogging like i usually do. Not only that, its Facebook and myspace which seem to occupy my time also. yup...

Well Im Off folk..
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