Saturday, May 26, 2007

Played Out On The Web

Trillian And Like services of its time
- an Instant Messanger that allows you to use all your instant messanger accounts in one application. .. Nobody Uses it

ICQ .- Talk in Numbers .. Nobody Uses it in AMERICA at first i thought it was a cool thing to have

Paltalk - when ur new to the net ud try anything

AIM - Well dont use it anymore because There are Services similar to Trillian that I use. LOL they all are useless though .. i stopped using it after they created 6.. where it had a video player at the top of the crap (plus Kool IM, EBUDDY and Things like Radius IM and Meebo, Meetro Imeem and more have taken their place)

MSN Messanger Falls In The Stuff above for me

Yahoo's Chat and Chat Rooms In General ... NOBODY USES IT BUT SPAMMERS .. the only "Chatting" i do is with Confrence on my buddy list

Remeber how they used to say "Chat rooms are bad for kids" all that attention hs been set to myspace)
Real Media Format/ Media Player - This is what people used to use when they didnt want anyone Burning their Music /copuing videoes. TURNED OUT BAD IDEA. there was Real Producer which turned in to Helix Producer and it Fell Apart from there
Now Days I use Real Alternative if i need to listen to Real Media Files .. because Its a Lighter Load of a product.
Those Black and Planet "Planet" sites - Myspace has replaced the followoing - Black Planet, Asian planet, Migente, UrbanMecca, blackworld, Urbanplanet and other sites of that kind from that ara. now tHey all Strive to be like Myspace.,

Webhosts Like Geocities, Angelfire and such - PLAYED OUT .. now days a Blog or a Mypace page is all u need its weird that there is one site that still used the megsfree

Xanga , Bebo, Ringo, Friendster, Hi-5, Tagged Tagwold, Facebox - USELESS

Message Biards - Although I Love Message boards (The Original Social Networks) .. People are Drawn to Myspace-ish sites now..
EZBoard .. (everybody had an account .lol - Theres now Wiki's

AOL/ Netscape Email

There are a whole lot more out there i just cant think them up at the time ya know
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