Friday, May 11, 2007

Texas Here I come

Yeah, I'm heading to Texas Southern for the graduation tonight (thats if we really are leaving tonight) so I can attend this graduation ceremony. My boy T. Wright is Graduating (think i said that) .. but yeah.. This means i gotta call a few buddys, AND I GOTTA GET READY! .. Unfortunately I dont know where its gonna tale place yet. (i know its on campus and i know it must be casual. THATS a problem. I dont have my shoes. I guess I'll break out the Hush Puppies. YEAH!

Forget that, Im from N.O. I' gotta rep!, wear that Dickies Fit!

Ahh, I gotta Make some phone calls to my brother, Terrance and The Girls! I would call TFA but I wont make it around that way. lol
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