Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thought Bubbles and That Frame of mind

Remenber what i said about finding some sort of a peace when im on the phone with her? .. well yeah.. I kinda told her with out telling her about these thought bubbles in my head that just puts pictures of our conversation it to different sections of the bubble. like a big cloud where everything moves around acoording to how our conversation goes. I didnt tell her that I feel at peace when im talking to her. but its true. Its a comfort zone.

We were talking about being older and being established before we do things that effect our lives drastically according to our current statuses. its like this, I wouldnt want to be in a sistuation where my im 30+ and everyone i meat has kids or isnt career bound. then she brought up the situation abouy how hard it would be for anyone at that age. stating that it would be harder for a female to find a man with no kids rarher than the male finding the female. I think thats a valid statement. Because just as much as everybodys sexing, yoy dont know where to go to find a single person who has no kids. All of this was being talked about when she was watching 40 year old Virgin. .lol THATS a situation i don't want to be in. well unless thats where god wants me to be.
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