Sunday, May 13, 2007


Christan and Team 3D have been Stripped of their TNA Titles According to a Video posted on YouTube by The NWA!!

I guess this is a move similar to that Old School WCW Move! .. Making them get their Own Titles! .. I GUESS THATS WHY THEY BROUGHT OUT THAT NEW BELT LAST WEEK!! WHOA!!

so TNA Wrestling IS what it IS! ..

The TNA Titles Werent the Official NWA Championship belts anyway. But Because of their name being there .. STRIP!! ..

Its wild .. one thing i can say. it only took 7 years to get TNA to where it is now. (they need to go back to using a square ring though. I've seen othet Wrestling Companies Use that Ring now.

I wonder what Ring Of Honor has?.. hmmm..

Check this Out (the video)
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