Sunday, May 13, 2007

Top Reasons jeanerette's band Sux

This all is relitive to what happened in 1999 at the WM, Jeanerette, JFK Battle of the bands
  1. Jeanerette was Too Small to Mess with WM or JFK
  2. They tried to talk about JFK and WM's Field shows but didnt do any themselves...
  3. If they did I dont remember because the band was too small
  4. They had a dude with yellow hair in the nand who wanted to Fight my Crab brother
  5. They said that They Run New Iberia but Us and WM tore it down
  6. They were put out the battle because they were being ghetto while WM and JFK were playing
  7. They Didn't sound good
  8. Their band suits were Fruity
  9. They Talk head but don't have the look or sound to prove it.
  10. They Just Plain Sucked
Thank you for being a Sucky band in 1999, Gave us a chance to Go Blow for Blow with Washington Marion!
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