Saturday, June 16, 2007

Before I start cleaning up

Well,, Earlier today someone had commented of the Greek Stepshows clip @ youtube from School Daze.. Well

saying that basically Greeks go overboard with things that they shouldnt take to seriously. Then she gave me a link to two audio posts two former frat members who left frats because of what they have learned by accepting God in their lives.

Here are the Interviews below

EX-Cast Episode 10 - Fred Hatchet Former Omega Psi Phi and Mason

EX-Cast Episode 11 - Gail Gray - Former AKA

After Listening to Those Interviews it made me think about where I stand in this.. I was sort of right when sent that girl my comment .. but then.. this also made look at it as being Wrong all the way..

I had a friend who even told me why i shouldnt join, after hearing the First one was enough, but Interests toook me to the second one.. .. They're both worth listening to .. I agree with most their points .. brb
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