Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jermani | She's Got Skills

I talked to my friend Jermani today, She says her goal is to stay the captain of the Motion for the remainder of her years in School. she deserves the honor of being captain. She's so sweet and country too. lol

She asked if I'd be at TSU sometimes, She also wants me to come to the Boom vs Ocean game so that I can take some pics of her. (hopefully that'll work out) I need a new Camera and some better Aiming skills. She talked of how she didn't know that so many people were pulling for her. she just thought she's an average dancer. but she aint. she's real good, one of the best on the team physically fit and beautiful. The Perfect Dancer. Why? Not because she's Determined to do what she does and you can se that she likes what she does.

I like to refer to her as being my Little Big Sister, or my "Big Little Sister" being that she's younger than me, her status in the band program which makes her an Upperclassman and she's just... well, you see the Photo!!

(The picture here isn't my work)
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