Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Mexican Orleans | Immigrants and Mex-American Citizens

Well, The New Mexican community of New Orleans has been complaining about misstreatment within the system and by the people of New Orleans. All I can say to that is Welcome to the Community because WE ALL ARE IN THE SAME BOAT. Yeah, being new to a place, you might get picked on. Later that'll change. Before the storm the N.O area had Mexicans and every other race. They just were Rarely seen in the Innercity areas.. not in large groups outside of Lowes awaiting work. Thats NEW to us.

One guy got on TV saying that The Immigrant community feels that there is no way to develop in N.O with the treatment they have been recieving. Well My Brother welcome to the Struggle because New Orleans has always been thay way. Its a Survival City. Yeah NOW after katrina you can See "Developmental Orginization " and development within certain communities. But The people themselve have been living the same way since before the storm. The Difference is the Lack of Housing. and media attention that lers the world know all the bad things. Its like they want to see N.O go under.
Speaking of that!

Houston blames New Orleans for their Drug Traffic being Higher, I guess they havent realized that they're also in a Port City too. As much as they used to say We were out to harm Houstonians, now they are saying that Houstons and N.O, Druglords have developed a bond to traffice Drugs! .. WOW! .. nahh. Cant be. New Orleans people have a Selfish Additude when it comes to their "Issue" thats they They Kill behind it. Infact. New Orleans People were in Houston Killing Theit own people. Yeah Violent crime did go up and down. since Katrina there. New Orleans has taken the rap that whole time.

I was talking to a former co Worker Rachel who Is Mexican, she says that All they need to do Is Get their Legal Stuff together and become American Citizens instead of Complaining that they get mistreated .. (reminds me of something that a cosby said about blacks). To me, They put themselves in the positions they are in. Maybe it is for the better. but Its Back Breaking and hard to do When you're not legal. so I guess Rachel is all the way right.

I'll ve back.
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