Thursday, June 07, 2007

Should I Ban him? nah i shouldn't .. but man..

alright here's the situation.

It all started in a yahoo confrence with with MS members. Corey gets on posting a linked video clip of a friend of mine who also Posts on the site. The Video is old Yet corey wants to "Expose" her. so He and tequila makes threads about Her on the board the first was talking about how mad we were in rhe chat cause we didnt want to se the video. The others came later that night while i was taking a nap. So I got a call from the girl asking me to delete a few posts. I told her that I had already knoown what it was about. instead of reading the thread. I deleted it. from what i know. they posted the lonk within that thread also. so Corey now wants to get At me because Assumes that I dun it.. Well i did but yet its not like it maters IM THE ADMIN I CAN DO WHAT I PLEASE .. SO .. After talking to The Girl, anothe Mod and my boy Trey.. It made me ask myself. should i delete this post .. they were like .. nah let him have his fun..

yet he's acting like he wants to be immune from his posts moderated .. man.. Banning him would make the situation worse .. so then i ask myself ..

Do i want to ban him? .. YES .. but NO .. why? because if i ban.. He'd just harass me in the IMs and making names on the board. ... I think um gonna ban him for a few days so he can have his nerves calmed
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