Friday, June 08, 2007

Simdesk DesktopConnects, 3.6

If you have the old ones, you might wanna get this one because THIS TIME AROUND it doesnt load up when the PC starts . thats good.

I've been using Simdesk since they had the office suite. It was great but it didnt wotk properly especially if you didnt have the internet. They did away with the Office suite but they kept the rest of the applications this time around they've enhanced the product much more.

You still need to sign up for a Simdesk account if you're gonna use it though. WHY because u have to log in

DesktopConnects Include:

  • Simdesk Organizer
  • Simdesk S-Drive
  • Simdesk PrintShare
  • Simdesk Groups
  • Simdesk FileSync

Update as many computers as you want, Simdesk’s desktop software is FREE.

What’s new:
> Certified for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007
> S-Drive file locking to control versioning of shared documents
> Works seamlessly with calendars and contacts in both Organizer and Microsoft Outlook


My Account is through "Simhouston

There also Simschicago

although the signup on SimDesk's site says "Free Trial" the accounts are Free, Really ..
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