Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Watchdog has been found

man, So this Watchdog is said to be a take snapshots of the registry, spoof key strokes and steal passwords. Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of this. Thats what i get from getting those themes from ThemeXP. thats the exact reason i didnt have it here in the first place. bad enough i have a spyware problem on my mom and brothers PC because of my cousins going to their sites downloading games and crap. When that pc was in myroom it wasn no where near the condition its in now. shame

I'm scanning my PC now

Its a spyware but yet its a program on ZDnet

WatchDog is the ultimate application for restricting and monitoring the time you or others spend on the computer. Its many security measures completely block unauthorized access. It can restrict the time of day a user may log in and what applications can be run. It also monitors URLs and keystrokes, and periodically takes screenshots. WatchDog has direct Windows-policy integration to enable many advanced security features on a per-user basis. WatchDog reserves the right to modify pricing at anytime.

I didnt install it on my pc and there is no actual program for on here. so therefore its spyware.
forget it ALL OF THAT MAKES IT SPYWARE! .. especially if its putting a "Quick Go" Tag on my PC. yet im still not sure if thats where it came from
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