Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FAMU Prof Found Strangled

A management professor at Florida A&M University was found strangled in her Tallahassee, Fla., home and her husband was discovered critically injured, police said. He later died at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Police said they did not think any outside party was involved.

Sheryl Shivers-Blackwell, 36, an associate professor in the division of management in the FAMU School of Business and Industry, died from "asphyxiation through strangulation," according to an autopsy performed on July 6.

Source Black College Wire : Read Full article HERE

It's sad that This kinda thing doesn't make National news, You know, This Nation is so Fixated on politica til' we forget about the Regular everyday people. Its like the news doesn't want to cover cases that involve certain kinds of people. mainly they talk about whats popular at the moment. Its all for Ratings. It's also the reason You'll never see things like this on Nancy Grace Especially if its Ivolves a Black Woman dying. seems like when the White woman come up missing. They all get Frustrated.. They just found the body of a female college student who happened to be drinking nights before she went missing .. Now th Case is on to find WHO DUN IT! .. yeah Sorry to hear she's dead. But this is a College Professor dead. yeah she didnt come up missing, But she was Strangled to death. and this is not enough to get CNN or Fox Time> come on now people.. I feel that this deserves more attention.

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