Thursday, July 26, 2007

LMAO at Yesterday!

Why?  because a long time buddy of mine has turned himself in for a recent crime he and his brother were involved in His name, Jamez Ward. I hadn't seen him since 6th grade, (in ten years) then I saw his face on the news .. it's a shame to see that he was wanted for battery too, but  they turned themselves in..

AfterI I heard this, First I called another long time friend, to let her know. That dude Jamez was kind of annoying as a child. but I always thought he'd turn out OK. I guess he still had it in him. In elementary school, Jamez and I would have fights nearly every day until his mom put him in another school during that year. I believe it was first.  and second grade, we were young. we fought over some Nonsense. but It all comes down to how he's turned out now.

Yesterday I told my mom how Jamez and I would fight over Brownies & things he could have off of my plate at lunch time. Then she asked "Why Didn't you tell me this was going on? why was  happening?" ..My reason for not telling her is because we'd fight and he'd beat me up, then I'd beat him up every now and then. other times he'd hit me and run. So it was sort of fun In fact, After school, It was no problem because we'd walk home together. Which I thought was Funny even for the times

I find it funny because I had recently been searching for him on Myspace, I never came up with anything because I think i spelled his name Wrong. I always thought his name last name was "Wartz"

Two suspects wanted in connection with an alleged assault at a Warehouse District restaurant this past weekend turned themselves into police Wednesday morning, a department spokesperson confirmed.
Sun Ray Grill - Annunciation Street
Police say Jamez Ward and his brother Victor, both former employees of the Sun Ray Grill, were arrested and booked on charges of simple battery and assault.
The two men were accused of beating up the restaurant’s manager and pulling a gun on another employee Sunday morning.
The restaurant’s owner, Dana Deutsch, said the two men ran out the door saying “this isn’t over” – prompting the restaurant to close its doors for two days.
Deutsch said he fired the two alleged attackers because they were involved in a stolen check and credit card scheme that bilked the eatery out of roughly $8,000.
Source: WWLTV

Ain't that a shame....

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