Friday, July 27, 2007

FBI's going after the JPSO

Why?, because they beat a New Orleans Teenager. They say he was speeding down the highway, after being stopped he Resisted arrest so that prompted excessive force. Atleast thats what the articles said. This boy had Two Black Eyes and the Officers Hand was broken.. How'd it happen? nobody wants to say. Why? Beacause The FBI's on their tail. JPSO's have been known to be Hard on Young New Orleans Males,

My Uncle was killed years ago by JPSO Deputies, They claimed he robbed an Applebee's in Metarie so they chased him down only to shoot him in the head through the Back window of his car where he died, His ended up in the canal that goes down the middle of the Boulevard. From what we had known, My uncle was working at the place. This happened long ago.

In more recent times there have been incidents where JP's have stopped blacks purposely as if they were doing random Traffic check ups. Harry Lee (The JP Police Sheriff) has said that They've used excessive force on blacks and in Black Neighborhoods because thats where the crime is. And he promised to do the same in White or Mixed Neighborhoods, Its just how JP works. You bring force to where the trouble is.

In My Opinion, His police have been hard on people fron N,O. period. See, It doesnt matter what race you are. JP's are just Hard on anyone who they believe is a Threat to them. Just by Looks and Assumptions .

The boy they beat up had locked Hair He was a Ministers Son.. Many believe that locked hair means that you're a Bad person. Which i don't understand how that works. But it sucks..

Here's a link what I was Referring to earlier about my uncle though

Stolen Lives: Killed by Law enforcement. (Check this link out)

Jefferson Parish is wild
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