Sunday, July 15, 2007

These Folks are Trippin'

It has come to my attention that the folks at MS are infatuated with SU's dancing dolls, no doubt they all are beautiful, but the problem i have with these members is that They follow the dancers every move, for example. One guy got mad because a certain dancer main captain.. he felt that the Twin dancers should have it ... Special.. yah we all have our favs but I feel that people want the twins to be co/captains for Show. Its not like it matters to anyone outside the team.. it only matters to SU and he LEADER. Yeah.. I felt that Airee Deserved the Captain spot, Why? .. Not only because I met her in person once, but she's a great dancer. others feel that she's not the Signature SU size or Look, such as in the past where all were Skinny and light-skinned. I like this team because they all are great dancers. but the MS members who post on that board. I dont think that We all need to know everything about the girls, nor act like we talk to them on a daily basis. I could understand if ur IN the band or attend school with them, YES ITS OKAY. but These kats are in HS they don't KNOW them girls like that. .. .. Yall feel me ?

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