Friday, July 20, 2007

how stupid

my nephew or brother must've told my momma that they wanted to play the game on the Big Screen, most likely she told them NO. therefore thelling her that I hooked the game up on the Big Screen before. now she's yelling out loud as if i dont know crap. she does this all the time. When she does something wrong. its okay. but the minute im involved I get yelled at.

Here's an example .. The house gets dusty.. yeah i dont clean up everyday. but we all know the house isnt gonna be squeeky clean EVERY  well here it goes .. One thing comes up missing and this is her afte coming home from work " Naah Seee!!!, This is what the $#^@ I'm Talkin' about!. I told yall, This aint my house, and yall cant be breakin up @$#! because I cant pay for whats not mines, thats why i Tell You Him and Him to keep this house Clean" ..  

and usually its because of nothing big. I really dont understand that. Its okay for HER to punch a hole in the wall, but the minuite i tell her that she's wrong, she cant accept it ..LOL then it becomes My fault

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