Thursday, July 26, 2007

Photography, The skill I have , And The Equipment I Dont

So, A while back I had some Ideas about starting a Photography Biz. but I've always looked at it as Just a hobby. i've never really taken it completely serious. Now if i do. that would be a whole lot of Work, Time and money. for that I would need a lot of Practice Targeting and Focusing. Im not great at it and i don't get paid for it. But I think i can make that happen/

All it would take is A better Camera, about about $1400 budget for Equipment bothe Hardware and Software. But then, I would also love to go Non Digital. See. I love Digital Photography, But the Truth is within the Light itself. Im not talking Poloroid, (which I'd do that too But I'm Refering to the Old school way of Negitives and or Dark Rooms. .. I know Little about it I know how it came about, I know exactly about the light Transfer system of Manual cams. But I would love to learn more to Incorperate it into the works of my digital photography.

Many say that They Like when I take pictures because Im Quick with it. and that Sometimes my better pictures are when im not actually looking or focusing on the target. Yeah thats all Great. But what about whan i am Focused. Yeah I have Great Targeting but My hands are so Shaky. I would hate to generate a load of Blurry photos because of my hands. lol

I have a Tripod. I'd love another with new lenses and Like i said at first. a Better Camera. Maybe a 12 to 18 mega pixel. Why? the Quality is better than anything I've seen so far. That alobe would run me nearly $600.

I also would like better video equipment. I've always wanted a Digital Video Cam. The one i Currently have is Owned by My Momma. I'd love a big Sony Cam like the Small Media Groups have. My boy Bonose has one but He's in to his own stuff. and our purposes for usage are similar but Not of the same Vision.

After looking at my 5mp Cam and how small it is (and how BIG IT IS COMPAIRED TO EVERYONE ELSES) .. makes me want another. The camera is old. 2004 is the first date on the camera. I need something with an Internal light, Yet i love this one because the green focus button is cool!. lol.. Wow man its so much i could do.

If I could get somewhat of a business started That would be Great though. I just gotta do some deep thinking Banking and Investing. I would Love it If someone could send me some Information.
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