Friday, July 27, 2007

Somebody Sounds Mad

Here's the deal on that ... It was long time ago shouldn't be a problem right? I'm Just sayin'. We were in school together and it's something i remember quite well, Nothing Serious....... I came home many times with my nose busted with scrapes and bruises all over.. We never got in trouble for it because we were never caught. If we were. we both would've gotten in trouble. At the end of the day, We were cool. Last time i saw him we were in 6th grade. and he didn't stay at the school that long.

Mischievous huh bruh? .. Yeah I see he turned himself in. I wouldn't want the dude to go to jail myself,  but doing the crime It comes with the territory.

I find it terrible to know that most of the folks I grew up with are now dead, in jail, or doing just something they ain't supposed to be doing .. It's not like i can prevent it. so I about How I remember these people. and its always somebody who i hadn't heard from in a long time.It's surprising for the most part.

If you ask me.. I was cool with everybody& didn't have any real enemies. don't really need any either. Thats just the way I am. for me, elementary school set the tone for my life. Along with the other schooling from my parents and the hood.  Along with confusion and everything around that was misleading. Its like a floor with a trap door, You don't know its there until you're deep in the hole. .. Thats why I try to avoid trouble ..

Me and My Boy Mike were talking about how those rules have an affect on us at the time they were enforced. we talked of how useless they were and how much they made sense. it was like taking a walk through life all over.

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