Friday, July 20, 2007

Sometimes i don't get those hitler wannabes

White American people of today have no reason to be Antisemitic (against Jewish people). its like they all learn of Hitler and began to hate Jewish people. Why? because that's who hitler hated. thats the only reason. but he was that way before he became a NAZI. so he USED the NAZI to become a supreme organization help to kill off the people who he felt were "Unpure Germans". .. Riiiight... YEAH... This kat was CRAZY!.. (and ur like Duh).. but man.. Im looking at the fact that this man was racist against his own people.  He was against anything that wasnt Like himself.  This means that even if u were a "pure white" and didnt look the part, you'd get whacked but hitlers camp.

This all brings me back to... why do American (racist) Whites hate jewish people? ... Dahhh.. Cause they're not "pure American Whites?" ... That cant be, because no american white person is Pure ..

The white race still believes that their races are of western "pure" europeans.  these Pure people created all of this pagan crap in relation to religionn because they were  greedy and selfish, and its hurting them now and it hurting the rest of america  as well because they mislead everybody in to believing all that crap. its like they stole their way in to power, and all it took was One Leader every Generation. shame..

this is America, The minute you start blaming the next race of people for ur problems makes u a racist. this means that somehow Everybodies a racist.

I Question Racisim...

If you take America out of the war...  It's not a war anymore... its just "Racism"  ...

. its a shame I want to say more but i guess I'll stop here

I may not be Right, but i cant be wrong

Note From The Book

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