Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Uncle Magoo is Coming over!

I hadn't seen my uncle in 2 years and he's coming to visit. they He and His wife came from Missouri! they've been there since ... well since 2005 because they were everywhere else during the Katrina mess. They settled in Missouri probably in December 05 but im not sure. They hadn't been to N.O since then. Now they get to see the Somewhat Lively But still Crappy looking Version of what Katrina Has Done. and what the people are doing to bring it back. Not the Tourist way, but the Real people way!.

You've gotta live here to Really know what its like. Not Slidell, Meterie or Elsewhere.. But here! .. OOOO!!

Speaking of Slidell, There was a big Drug bust that was a Big drug bust there involving he Houstonians and New Orleanians who were operating a Meth Lab of some sort. All because a Store clerk realized that a certain person had purchased the Unusual Combination of ingredients for the drug.

It's a shame but its true. Houston blamed N.O for drug trafficing in their city. Now i guess they can blame Houston for this one
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