Friday, August 03, 2007

They're Copying our style

If a HS plays your college bands arrangement; you expect it to sound the way your band play it, Right?

Their BD's may have come from your college, sp their Drills and Look is Modeled off of what He / She learned at Your college.

... Later on, you accuse these bands of Copying your style. Why is that? arent you supposed to expect that?

Just like at these HS band camps that go on at Colleges. You expect the students to attend your camp only for them to go back to their HS's to perfect their craft as well as teach their section what they had learned. Right?

if thats the case. You expect them to Do and Sound like You had taught them. Right? ..

Then How could they be "Trying to be Like" what they have Learned to Know from the people who taught them?


there are people who always say
"LA bands want to be like SU"
"TX bands want to be like PV or TXSU"
"ATL bands want to be like Fam" etc...

I see this on Marching Network under many HS clips

Usually its the band members that didn't come from good High Schools don't realize that they were onces in a band modeled after someone else's band so they take Minor things and try to make big issues out of it.

and that just is just plain Stupid
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