Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh man. Parade yesterday was nice

Yeah, even though a more popular parade is today, I didn't attend due to it being on the westbank.

I took many pictures and i saw Livingston, it was a High school. I even hung out with some Jukes and old HS band buddys. we were joking around the whole day, it was fun. That Bridge is a Tradition.

it's wild I came back home and i found out that I was National Promotions Chairman of NΦO. Good deal, Yet I don't really know what it entails. What I do realize is why they chose me to have a position of that nature. I Can do websites. and I'm Swell with the Artsy stuff, I'm not great but hopefully I'll be someday.

Great deal for me, Thursday I might give ole Ethan a call and hang out with him!.

Here are some pictures from the parade.

MG2k8 First Weekend
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