Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Should I do ir? .. I Guess so

So, Although I've thought about this in the past, I guess it hit me when Mystery (lol) told me that she think i should sell my pictures. so the only reasonable way to go about doing that on my part was selling them as stock photos. I've Found a service that does just that. but they only accept certain quality and styles of images.. I understand why after reading reviews. Yet those pictures make my photos look Garbage. the big difference between what i do and what they do is that. I'm always going after moving objects. so thats sorta Hard to do and do Clearly. especially with light coming from the oddest angles.

Anyway. I've looked at two 3 hosts and I chose one that i thought would get more attention. Its called Crestock. and well yeah Its web2.0-ish in its own right. umm.. well that isn't the reason I want to sell them anyway. It's just that. Taking pictures of the band is what I do as a hobby and I do nothing to make money. I'm not Perfect with the Snapshots but I think i'm Great for good pictures. lol

So far I've been Reading On how to better my self in this and yeah it's working out great. But still Much has less to do with Moving objects. and humans ..lol


Wow I hope it works! ..

"Capturing The Essence of Whats Really Going On"
Is my New Slogan ..LOL Funny in a way
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