Monday, February 25, 2008

I know I'm going to sleep early today!!

Why? Because I stood up all night working on this PC and syncing a Zune.

anyway.. Before than or before I got home yesterday

I went to ride through my old hood, it looks like a Bomb Just went off in that sucka, I took Photos and Video, I'll make a video sometime later, but for now, This picture is all you'll get to see for now.

Thats Tory, My Brother in Law pointing at what used to be a 3 story building. in Perfect Shape. Now Looks like something out of a movie. It smelled like old socks when I went on one of the 3rd floor porches to take pictures.

The St. Bernard Project is Officially Gone. and All I could think of while back there was the fact that It was were i spent majority of my life. I've had some Great times running around that hood. Thinking of the big block parties and also The Killings.. I've known of so many people being Murdered on those streets over Turf and well yeah It was stupid but hey, thats just how they live here in N.O. Sad. Lives wasted in what is now a Wasteland

Believe it or not, when I was In Elementary I had a Vision of those hoods being torn down. I didnt think it was ever gonna come to life though. I even remember telling Miss Audrey about that. and yeah I was real young because Miss Audrey moved out of the hood when i was in elementary school.

Ahh man.. So we stopped, I videod and snapped Pictures and more pictures. I got Bummed by a former sorta homeless neighbor of mined. I gave her some change. like 40 cent. but thats all i had in that pocket.

I went over to My sisters House to set up a Wireless Router so that their laptop can get on the internet I forgot to tell him that he could play his Ps2 or whatever that way. But oh well.

So That left me here, Sitting here Waiting for "Productivity" and uh.. yeeeeeah!
I've been On Facebook since then just waiting for things to sort.
Its 7:35am. I might be finished by 9. Then I'll Take a Nap before Tory comes to get this ..LOL

Later yall
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