Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is it relates to the Previous entry

I guess it all sums up to this man, Although we do things to try to make us happy or enjoy life at the moment . Everything is temporary. we only able to find comfort doing something to occupy our minds. and with all the tings going on around us. its hard to stay happy or even comfortable for that matter. Yet, it takes a person to get out of their comfort zones in order to correct their own mistakes .. how, by challenging oneself to defeat the odds of every course in life ...

I wrote this on Carl's wall after he stated this as his Facebook status

is struggling with the biggest decision he's had to deal with in life!!

and In My Opinion man .. He's been going through Some things.. What I wrote also relates to previous statuses he's had too.

Thats My Boy mayne.. can't see him down .. yet thats his "as Always" ya know...

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