Thursday, February 14, 2008

On a Day Like V day

I Think Back to 05 and I had a Valentine .. By V Day 06 I Didn't.. because Not even a good day after. We split. which will be forever stained in my brain. Although I haven't Forgotten, I have forgiven.

Since the time I've I've Been Broken from Bethany, I've Tried to Keep in contact. Seems as if that contact is alway Temporary though. like a good 2 weeks and she disappears again. So as for me, I've been broken but I still hadn't had my Break away for good point.

I'm Glad that it all happened because it taught me not to put a load of trust off back in to anyone. because I sure was lied too and well that hurt.. but I'm over it.

This Song is for All The Love Birds Out there

Nothin' But Love - 5 Heart Beats

Hope All you Dingbats are happy ..LOL
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