Friday, February 01, 2008

Parades galore!!

Tonight there are supposed to be more parades than usual which is good yet not so good because that means Less bands in each parade. Hopefully this will be good. Tonight i'm going with Jaime and Jarvis so we should be strate. other than that. its goin' down!!

Oh and Ceion had to march the Hermes ... Nahh Nevermind This fool just came inside talking about how he aint marching cause he forgot his stuff, he said that the lady who passes out uniforms told him that he cant march. and he came home with Kiren .. AHHH STUPID aint nobody can tell him that he CANT MARCH .. NAH THATS FALSE !! .. He's missing out for NOTHING .. he claims that he didnt know that he had to bring his equipment.. THATS A LIE!!! ... .. now we were planning on going to see HIM march and he aint there.. how STUPID... og well.. We're gonna leave him here.
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